Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The saga continues...

Well, I did manage to bring my camera into Best Buy today, and it did cooperate with me. The guy at the Geek Squad counter was able to witness the camera's bad behavior firsthand. He said that it was something that could be repaired, so I had to send it in, and wait about 2 weeks for it to come back.

I hate being without a camera, so I'm now charging the battery for our trusty-rusty old Canon PowerShot S100. We've had that camera for almost 6 years, and it still works! (I don't use the viewfinder anymore, because it sucks up the battery power too much)

Here's hoping I get a fully-functioning camera in a couple of weeks!

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Anonymous said...

I never bother with the extended warranty any more. By the time the camera breaks it's time for a new one :-).