Thursday, August 03, 2006

Donating Blood

I just returned from my 6th time of donating blood in the last 9 months. I started in November of last year, and have been going every two months or so ever since. (you are not allowed to donate more than once every two months)

It's been a really great experience so far, and I'm quite pleased that I've continued to go. I feel like it's something that I can do that really may make a difference. I'm a type B+, which is one of the more rare blood types. Out of 100 donors, only 8 are B+. Hmmm, now that I look at this chart of bloodtypes, I see that the only people who can receive type B+, are other B+, and AB+ (who can receive any type of blood). Now I'm not feeling so helpful. Oh well. Some other type B+ person out there will surely need my type B+ blood! :)

When I went in for my appointment today, I was surprised by an extra goodie: a coupon for a free pint of Haagan Dazs Ice Cream!


That was a cool surprise. (no pun intended).

Usually, I'm happy to get my little glass of OJ and a free doughnut afterwards. (Secretly, I use my bi-monthly blood donating appointment as an excuse to eat a donut every two months :)

Hmmm... I was planning to work out this afternoon after donating blood, but it just occured to me that that may not be the brightest idea that I've ever had. Guess I'll just sit at my computer (get more work down) and let that doughnut make it's way down to my hips.

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