Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Breakfast Club 30th Anniversary Screening

Tonight I went to see "The Breakfast Club" in a theater in celebration of the film's 30th Anniversary.

I'm kind of proud to be able to say that I actually saw it 30 years ago in a theater when it first came out. I was still in high school at the time- probably between my Sophomore and Junior year.

We met for dinner at Pomegranate first, then headed to the theater for the 7:30 show. (Nicole even wore her Breakfast Club t-shirt for the occassion!) The theater was pretty full, and the entire audience was excited. Pretty cool experience to watch the movie in a theater again.

They played a short documentary at the start, with some interviews of some of the cast reflecting on the experience.

I hadn't seen the movie in several years. It really stands up to the test of time. Still an outstanding film.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Furry Buddies

Hanging out at John & Gina's farm with my buddies, Terminator and Patton. :)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Totoro vs Tokoto

All season long, Totoro and I kept thinking the announcers were talking about him whenever they said "Tokoto" on our TV.

Tonight, as we watch UNC (and J.P. Tokoto) play Wisconsin in the Sweet 16, Totoro decided to come out to see what all the hype is about. :)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Home again

A perfect meal after a long (but smooth) day of travel. :)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

March Madness Family Time!!

Now that I've had a photo of all the animals in the house, here's a series of photos of all the humans. ;)

March Madness Dogs!

Between Dick's two sisters, our niece and their spouses, we are watching college basketball with five dogs and two cats! 😊

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Begin March Madness

GO Heels!!
(We're channelling our inner Angus Logan.)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Travel Pro Tip

Garrett Pop Corn should always be your first stop whenever you have a layover at ORD (Chicago).

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Dick and I are heading to North Carolina tomorrow to visit our family and to watch some March Madness.

I think Noe wants to come with. :)

Spring is Blooming in Bellevue!

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Dick meets Old Navy Mannequin Trina

I introduced Dick to Old Navy Mannequin Trina today for the first time!

At first he seemed a little confused, but I think they're going to get along just fine!

I'd better watch out. Now that she's met my husband, she may want my life!!

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Go BIG!!

I'm getting ready to start a new painting today on a 48" x 48" canvas!! I haven't painted this large in 20 years. Very exciting!!

Friday, March 06, 2015

Life is Beautiful

No more donating platelets or whole blood for me :(

I got an email this morning informing me that my platelet count when I donated yesterday was 678. Unfortunately, that number is well above the number that the Apheresis Machine will accept (600 limit).

I was also informed that I am now to be deferred from any additional donations, and that I'm no longer eligible to donate either platelets or whole blood. :(

It was also recommended that I inform my physician of my high platelet count as there is a possibility of 'overproduction syndrome' which can occur later in life. I called my physician a couple of months ago, and she wasn't concerned based off my records of the past several years, but I left her another message again this morning with the latest numbers.

I'm very bummed, and very disappointed that I am no longer eligible to donate platelets or whole blood. I always felt that it was a good thing that my platelet count was high, as I was able to donate up to 3 times the amount that other people are able to donate. Platelets are always needed, and there simply aren't enough people able/willing to donate. It makes me sad that I am willing and able to donate, that I have the time, but that I can't, based on my levels being too high. I was hoping that it would still be okay for me to donate whole blood, but was informed that I could not. This really makes me sad. I've been donating whole blood and platelets for about 10 years now on a regular basis - every two months for whole blood and every 2-4 weeks for platelets.

Medically speaking, I'm pretty sure I'm okay, but I'll wait to hear from my doctor. Last time I told her the numbers she said they were high, but not high enough to be of concern.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Donating Platelets and my reward after

I donated platelets again this afternoon. I'm now recognized in the Blood Center as "The girl from San Francisco with the high platelet count". :)

Instead of having the regular donut or packaged cookie after my donation as usual, I decided to treat myself: the Trophy Cupcake Boutique in my building has special Girl Scout Cookie Inspired cupcakes for the first two weeks of March. I've been wanting to try the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake (inspired by Tagalongs), so had that this afternoon. It was delicious!! :)

Monday, March 02, 2015

Starting new painting: Girl with the Pink Umbrella

I'm am woefully late in posting about the newest painting that I started. I was in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago and squeezed in a painting session with Dean on Wednesday, Feb 18th. I flew back to Seattle later that afternoon.

This is a painting that I've been looking forward to starting for about a year now. The original photo was taken by the oh-so-talented Miguel. He has such an amazing eye for photography. I've used three of his photos as inspiration for paintings now: Chinatown Treasure Hunt, Taxi, and now this one. I was going to name this one "CalTrain", but I think it may be called "Girl with the Pink Umbrella" instead.

The composition of the photo is just terrific, and we all know how much I seem to like the challenge of painting perspective! ;)

Here's Miguel's original photo and painting inspiration:

Miguel's original photo

I didn't have very much time paint while I was with Dean. Part of the session was spent varnishing my last painting, then it took some time to tone the new canvas and draw out the image.

pencil sketch on canvas

I think I'm starting to get a better handle on how to find the vanishing point, as well as how to use it to draw in the perspective.

I decided to outline my pencil drawing with grey paint so I could read it a little better.

outlined in paint

I didn't have very much time to paint, but I did manage to start putting in the rough ideas of lights, darks and color.

end of session one

I'm really excited to continue with this painting. Unfortunately, I don't have plans to be back in SF for a while, so it'll have to wait!

Sunday, March 01, 2015

The World's Largest Cinnamon Roll!!

I unintentionally ordered the World's Largest Cinnamon Roll for breakfast this morning. Somehow, this photo doesn't do it justice.

I'd like to point out how nice and healthy the rest of my breakfast looks. :)

And, the cinnamon roll was served with a steak knife.

I only managed to eat a small dent. The leftovers were so large, I had to cut it I half to fit it all in a large take-out box!!