Saturday, January 28, 2017

Glassybaby Seconds Sale in Berkeley!

Because I "need" more glassybaby...

Toto, we're not in Seattle anymore!! I arrived at 9:10am to no lines, and hundreds of Glassybaby to select from. Entirely different (and much more civil) than the Seattle seconds sale experience.

So fun to see so many friends there!

I tried very hard to be reasonable, and came home with three new glassybaby. ❤️

No line at 9:05am!

My Mom with some of her friends from Brentwood

Lizelle and Linda shopping the seconds sale

Mom and her friends purchasing their glassybaby seconds

glassybaby doggies, napping in the hot shop while their people create the gorgeous glassybaby

the glassybaby Berkeley hot shop

a sea of glassybaby seconds still available after 10:00am

more seconds!

prices for the glassybaby seconds

Linda and Trina finally shopping at a seconds sale together

Here are the three I came home with:
"Home", "Splash Hit" and "Grateful Red"

Friday, January 27, 2017

Wallace is featured on DoodleTales on Instagram!

Wallace feels like a star! He was selected to be featured today on DoodleTales on Instagram!

I had submitted Wallace's Instagram page to Doodletales last month, and was notified earlier this week that he would be featured today. Yay!

DoodleTales is an Instagram page that features doodles from all over the world. They currently have over 53,000 followers. Their policy is that they choose which photo to share, and we think they chose a cute on! :) Wallace's photo was posted on their page about 8 hours ago, and it already has over 1,800 "likes"! Wallace feels so special.

Back to Painting: "Smalls" session two

I had a great painting session with Dean this morning. It was really exciting to start putting some paint on the canvas that I started last week. I mostly just blocked in the color on the canvas, but I already like the direction that this painting is heading.

Bernal Heights Park with Blane

We went on a nice hike at Bernal Heights Park with Blane today! It was a beautiful and clear day. The best part? We met two 4-month old puppies! Wallace loved playing with them!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

With the Ladies who Lunch!

My Mom and her group of girlfriends (all of whom live in the same development in Brentwood) came to San Francisco today! They invited me to join them for High Tea at Lovejoy's in Noe Valley. It was so much fun! I had met all of these women last week when I was visiting my parents. They are all so lovely and interesting, and I'm enjoying getting to know them all.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Happy 16th Birthday, Kobe!!!

Tonight, Wallace and I were invited to our first doggie Birthday Party!! Greg's dog, Kobe, turns 16 years old tomorrow!! Kayak and Wallace had a great time running around Kobe's home, finding all of his toys. Greg got a special peanut butter dog cake for the occasion. It was amazing!!

Happy Birthday, Kobe! We are so happy that we were able to celebrate with you. Thank you, Greg and Chris for inviting us!

Wallace & Kayak at Fort Funston

Yay! The sun came out again, and we were able to spend the afternoon at Fort Funston with Kayak and Uncle Mike! It was the first time that we've all been to Fort Funston together in months, and it was great! Kayak and Wallace played more together today than they ever had. I think they are actually buddies now!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Bath Day: Before & After

It's been three weeks since Wallace last had a bath. He hasn't needed one as much as he normally would because it has been raining so much so he hasn't been able to go to the dog park or Fort Funston as often as usual.

This afternoon, we braved going to the dog park at a time where we hoped to go I between storms. I knew it would be wet there, but we figured he was due for a bath, so we wouldn't worry about him getting dirty.

Good thing we were in that frame of mind! It wasn't too bad when we first arrived, but after we had been there for less than 15 minutes, we got caught in a cloud burst/hail storm! It lasted just a few minutes, and luckily, the dog park has a couple of pop up covers that we could stand underneath. I figured we'd go home after that, but Wallace wasn't ready yet. Apparently, he had lots of energy that he really needed to run out!

We stayed for another hour or so, and Wallace met a 6-month old puppy that wanted to play. He ran around a lot, running through all the puddles.

Needless uk say, a bath was in order immediately when we came home. He looks so much better now!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Wallace visits the SF SPCA

Dick and I needed to go to the SPCA to pick up more prescription food for Olive. We usually like to take Wallace with us when we go to the SPCA because he enjoys visiting the people there who helped us adopt him last year.

We were very lucky today! Several people were working today who either directly helped with Wallace while he was there, or who at least remember him. We were very happy to see Dirk, the volunteer coordinator, who had taken care of Wallce in his office for a few days when Wallace was first brought in. Dirk had told us before that Wallace was very sad when he first arrived, and that Dirk spent a lot of time with him trying to regain his will to live. :( We have seen Dirk at our local dog park a couple of times in the last few months (lucky for us, he recognized Wallace by name!) and Wallace is always happy to see him.

We saw at least 6 other employees/volunteers who when re-introduced to Wallace, remembered him from his time at the SPCA before we adopted him. All of them had a similar reaction: they were so happy to see him so healthy and happy, and also were surprised by how much he had grown since May.

It was such a nice visit! Wallace felt like a superstar, and loved all of the attention. It was also really nice for Dick and I to see how many people at the SPCA remember him from last Spring. Dirk told us that Wallace is a special dog, and one that many of the staff would remember. :)

PS: I also found out that Dirk reads my blog to see updates on Wallace! "Hi, Dirk!" :)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

National Women's March in Oakland

I'm so glad I was able to participate in the National Women's March in Oakland with my Sis and Graham this morning. It was an uplifting, inspiring and peaceful experience of unity, love and hope. Happy to have played a very small part of ALL of the marches happening around the world today. Love will always trump hate. ❤️