Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bro's Birthday!

Today is Christopher's Birthday!

Please join me in wishing a very Happy BIrthday to our favorite Gay Boyfriend!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Homemade Sushi for the Soul

I spent the day with my dear friend, Kimi, yesterday.

I have to confess that I was not having a good morning, and almost had to bail on her at the last minute. I was afraid that my bad mood would be contagious, and would spread throughout her happy home. Lucky for me, I realized that I was being selfish and silly, and that a day with Kimi and her family was probably exactly what I needed to feel better.

I was right.

Kimi and I had such an amazing visit. She had spent the morning (before I arrived to her home in San Jose) shopping for all of the perfect ingredients for our lunch: homemade sushi, and other fine Japanese delectables. When I arrived, she already had the rice cooking, and had just started to make the vinegar/sugar/salt mixture that would be mixed into the rice to make the sushi with. As Kimi followed the recipe for homemade miso soup (which was AMAZING) I fanned the rice, which turning in the vinegar (in a horizontal motion, as not to bruise or smush the rice) for 10 minutes. (who knew?)

here I am, fanning and turning the vinegar rice!

Once the rice was cooled, and the veggies and fish were chopped, we rolled a few rolls of sushi, substituting Kimi's placemats for the traditional bamboo mats that are usually used for rolling. (they worked great!) Kimi also made nagiri-style sushi to add to our sushi platter. Did I mention that she also made soba noodles as an appetizer? what a treat!

A platter of sushi!

Kimi's Nagiri Sushi

We had such an amazing time - what a great day. I learned how to make sushi, and caught up with one of my dearest friends while listening to 80s music on her cassette player- what better way to spend a day? (and the food turned out great, too!)

The final spread

We also had a lot of fun playing with her 3-year-old son, Matteo. He's such a sweet boy, and I had so much fun playing with him all afternoon. I love watching Kimi with her boys - she's such an amazing Mom.

Kimi and Matteo

When it was time for me to leave, I told Kimi that visiting her was good for my soul. It really was - I felt so much better after spending the day with her.

That's what real friendships are all about.

I just noticed that Kimi wrote a blog entry of her own about our day together. It's kind of neat to see her perspective as well :) I especially like reading the part of her memories about when we both met ... at bandcamp when we were only 13 years old. I think it's especially funny that she mentions my polo-shirt/501's combo that I seemed to live in during our freshman year. I look back and see it as a horrible fashion faux-pas. She has a much kinder memory about it. :)

Kimi - thank you for the perfect day. I you.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Dick has a new blog

Who knew?!

I was going to write that it's been a year exactly since the last time that Dick posted to his blog. That, in and of itself would've been a good post.

But then this morning, I found out that he's had another blog up on MSN Spaces.

Turns out, he's had this space up for more than a year, and somehow, I never knew about it. I suppose this is because he had one post from the day he first launched it, another post in August of 2005, and finally, a new post today.

His tag-line says it all: "...voted blog least likely to be updated, two years running!"

So, we'll all just have to sit back, and see how he does with this one.

bets, anyone?

Friday, February 17, 2006

HELP - I'm stuck in perma-zoom!!! (...and I can't get out!)

This is not how I intended to spend my day.

Today is computer-break-down-day in His 'n Her Condos.

Dick was having server problems this morning. My computer was fine, but I decided to quit out of all my apps, and restart it this morning. I hadn't restarted it in a few days, and I thought it might be good to clear it's little brain out.

that's when it happened.

It restarted just fine. I got the happy mac, and even got to the Finder.

Then all of a sudden....


My computer screen went into perma-zoom.

Seriously - PERMA Zoom. It's zoomed in so far that all I can see is the tip of the cursor - heavily pixilated because it's so ZOOMED in!


Dick is working from home today, so we tried trouble-shooting for an excrutiating hour.

Nothing worked: We disconnected it from all USB devices, restarted, safe booted, tried to boot from the OS Disc, etc., We're pretty savvy at trouble shooting, but nope. nadda. zilch.

We're fairly certain that it somehow connected with the Microsoft Mouse that I started to use the other day (and installed software for). Remember that Zoom function that I found useless, and turned off, well, that's where this zoom came from.

We found this article on the web, which is essentially the same issues that I'm having today. We had already tried all of the fixes, and it still didn't work. But at least it goes along with our theory that it's connected to the fracking mouse.

I'm still covered under AppleCare, and surprisingly haven't had to use it for this computer in 2 1/2 years. I remembered that there's a Apple Store in the Stonestown Mall, so I figured I'd bring it over there. I tried to make an appointment for the genius bar online, but I got so frustrated trying to find it on the apple site that I just gave up, and drove over there. They weren't able to take me in immediately, so I had to make an appointment for this afternoon.

When I came home, I spent about 5 minutes on the Apple site trying to find out how to make an appointment online (for future reference). The U.I. totally bites - it was so unintuitive to find, and I can't figure out why they would design it that brain-damaged way.

So now I just have to wait. I can't do a damn thing on my Mac until we resolve this issue. (and what a stupid issue it is.) Luckily, I got a ton of work done this week, and today was going to be a light work day anyhow.

But still... Dick and I are getting ready to toss all of our computers out the window right now.


(back from the Apple Store)

Okay, now I feel a little silly, but very happy that the problem was easily fixed.

The problem was that somehow the Universal Access zoon function was somehow turned on.

I had tried to use Command-"-" to zoom out, but it didn't work.
The keystroke to zoom-out is actually "command-option-"-".

This is good info for future reference.

So, my apologies to the people at Microsoft- my problems today seem to be completely unrelated to my new mouse.

..and now I shall back-up my computer ;)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Brrrrr..... It's Cold in Here....

...there must be some Toros in the atmosphere

Wow - the temp really dropped over the past couple of days. We were getting so spoiled with the warm and sunny February weather. I just checked the weather, and we're still only in the mid-40s out there.

Time to turn on the heat again.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Domain Name Rules

Okay all of you geek-heads out there - I need your opinions and expertise.

I have a new client who needs to register for a new domain name. The domain name that they would like is not available for .com, but is available as .org.

Now I knot that traditionally, .org stands for organization. Is it limited to non-profit organizations only? My client is an event planning company. Do they qualify as a .org, and is that even important anymore?

Surprisingly, I''m having a hard time finding info about this on the net.
(not that I actually tried for too long - I realized it would probably be much faster and easier to just ask my blog peeps)


Happy Mouse

I've been using a sick mouse for more than a month now. My mouse kept momentarily dying on me as I worked, and I kept having to unplug, then replug it into my usb port. It was beginning to be quite a pain. Actually, I wasn't positive that it was a problem with the mouse, because I've actually been through two mice in the last couple of months. I thought it might be a problem with my PC/Mac switch.

Anyhow, Dick bought me a new mouse, and all is well in my little computer world again.

It's a pretty cool mouse: It's the Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000. That's a really big name for such a little mouse. It does a lot of cool tricks though - even on my Mac: there's the basic scroll wheel, which also tilts from side to side (which scrolls across long windows). It also has an interesting "zoom" button which I opted out of in favor of a back button. Plus, it just feels good.

Happy Mouse = Happy Girl.

And according to Dick, it doesn't take much to make me happy :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's "that" Day

You know the one... hearts, flowers, chocolate, mushy cards...

Happy Day!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Fowl Balls!

Tonight, I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Christopher taught me his recipe a few weeks ago, and this was going to be my second time making it solo.

I like to watch my red meat intake, and thought I'd try something different this time. I bought ground turkey instead of hamburger meat. Now I knew that Dick would have an issue with this, but I gave it a go anyhow. (whenever I do buy hamburger meat, I buy the most lean possible, while Dick will buy the type with the most fat)

I thought I'd be able to camouflaged the turkey meatballs because of all the spices going into the recipe. What I didn't count on, however, is that ground turkey does not stick together as well as ground beef. My sauce became this interesting crossbreed of meatball and bolognese sauce.

Because it wasn't as visually appealing as it would be with hamburger meat, I confessed to Dick that I made it with turkey before he even tried it. However, to my delight and surprise, Dick and Christopher both agreed that it was just as tasty as the regular meat balls, and I got the seal of approval.

But the funniest part of the whole thing was when Dick announced that we were not eating Spaghetti and Meatballs for dinner.

We were eating "Fowl Balls".

That's what we'll call it from now on ;)

There goes 40 minutes of my life that I'll never get back...

...I really hate it when that happens

Today I planned to drive and shop at Trader Joe's. I finished up with one meeting at 3:00, and have another at 4:00. Dick has been asking me to go to Trader Joe's lately because they apparently have these individually-wrapped snack packs that Lora buys and puts into Omar's backpack when he goes to work. Clearly, this act of love demonstrates that in fact, Lora loves Omar more than I love Dick, and the only way to redeem myself is to buy the same little fruit-roll-up-things, and put them in his backpack on his way to work.

We ran into Andrew & Barry during our Sunday afternoon walk yesterday, and Barry was singing the praises of the Trader Joe's on Masonic Ave. I don't make it out to Trader Joe's that often, but when I do, I go to the one off of Folsom. Anyhow, Barry said the one on Masonic was much better, and worth checking out. He also warned me that even though they have their own (large) parking lot, the line to get a parking space could take up to 20 minutes.

So I left my house at 3:00 this afternoon, figuring it wouldn't be as busy in the middle of the afternoon. I spent 20 minutes trying to get there - dodging traffic on Divisadero, and trying to get myself to the correct side of Masonic. And when I finally did, I realized that traffic had stopped.... because there was a line 20 cars deep to park in the Trader Joe's parking lot.


So now it's 3:25, and I have an appointment with a client at 4:00. This isn't going to happen....

..and I spent the next 15 minutes driving back home.

Now I have to rethink the whole dinner thing for tonight, and I won't be able to surprise Dick with a loving little snack in his backpack on Valentine's Day. :(


San Francisco: Then and Now

We went to the Legion of Honor on Saturday afternoon to see a great photography exhibit called After the Ruins, 1906 and 2006: Rephotographing the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire.

It was a fantastic exhibit, and I highly recommend seeing it before it closes in June. I've seen so many photographs of the aftermaths of the 1906 earthquake and fires, but somehow these images were even more descriptive than ones that I've seen before. The old photographs were coupled with photographs taken last year, in 2005, from the same location and angle of the original images. The contrast of the two images were sometimes startling.

This year will mark the 100th anniversary of the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906. I'm sure we'll be seeing many other exhibits and historical accounts about it over the next few months.

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Bargain Queen Strikes Again

Saving the World... one sale at a time

(I don't know why these things make me so happy)

Safeway is having a 2 for 1 sale on the brand of kitty litter that we use.


They also have my favorite selection of greeting cards
(strange? yes)

They had coupons for: buy 3 cards, get a bag of Tostitos FREE!

(I had the choice between the Tostitos, and Large Hershey's Kiss, or a stuffed bear)

I bought 6 cards, and got 2 bags of chips

At the register, I was informed that I've bought so many cards from Safeway in the past, that I earned a free card. (buy 7, get one free)


In summary (because you're all so interested):

4 boxes of Kitty Litter (good thing, because we're almost out!)
2 bags of Tostitos Chips
6 greetings cards

(saved $25.97, or 48%!)

My life just couldn't get more exciting than this ;)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's a Beautiful Day

I just came back from a new client meeting in Walnut Creek. It's such a gorgeous day out, and I really enjoyed the drive. The drive back over the Bay Bridge was just perfect: blue skies, and a clear view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

When I drove back into San Francisco at 2:00, the thermostat on my car read 74 degrees!

Right now, I have all of the windows open, and I'm airing out the house!


Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Perfect Weekend

Don't you just love those?

We really did have one of those perfect weekends.

Perhaps we cheated a bit, though. We both took Friday off, and planned a mini-vacation around it. Last Wednesday night, we booked a room for Friday night at Harvest Inn in Napa Valley. We also made dinner reservations at the The California Culinary Institute for dinner Friday evening.

We slept in on Friday morning, did some stuff around the house, got Dick's new phone set up, then headed out the door in the mid-afternoon. I always forget how easy and pretty the drive to Napa Valley is from San Francisco. We arrived in just over an hour.

We checked into our hotel, and unpacked in our sweet room - which included an huge brick fireplace. NICE! We drove around the valley for a bit, then returned to the hotel for some wine and cheese before dinner.

My parents had given us a gift certificate to use at Greystone Restaurant (at the C.I.A.) and we've been meaning to make the trip up to use it. We had a really nice selection of wine, and a delicious dinner. (I had trout, stuffed with crab!)

The weather was really amazing all weekend. Rain was in the forecast for Saturday, but it turned out to be gorgeous and sunny! We drove around Calistoga, and stopped to see the Geiser! That was pretty cool. We then drove around and enjoyed tastings at several different wineries, including a great picnic lunch at V. Sattui.

We also made our usual stop at Dean and Deluca for some pasta sauce, then did a bit of shopping at the Napa Premium Outlets.

On our way home, we phoned in a take-out order to my favorite Chinese Restaurant, U-Lee. (Best Chinese Food in SF - I even took my Grandparents there!) We swung by the restaurant (in Nob Hill) and brought the piping hot food back home to eat. It doesn't get better than this!

The weather was absolutely amazing today - clear, sunny, and warm (well, warm for February) and we took a HUGE walk! We walked to the other side of Noe Valley, went into whatever open houses we passed by, and were out for almost 5 hours. It was fantastic.

Tonight, Christopher treated us to a yummy meal, which we ate with one of the wines that we brought home from Napa yesterday.

It was such a beautiful, and relaxing weekend, and we both really felt like we were on vacation. It's so nice to be on vacation mode, without have to go far from home.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Some "Old School" Color Guard

I've been using our elliptical machine more since it's been raining, and can't get outside for my daily walks all the time.

A couple of months ago, I ordered the Fans Favorite 15 DVD from WGI. (volume 1) I have a color guard library (on VHS) that spans from 1979-1995 or so, but alas, I haven't been watching them lately. For some reason, Dick refuses to connect any of our VCRs - I think he's trying to keep my from watching my old color guard tapes!

I never owned the Fans Favorite Compilations before because, well, I already owned them all on one tape or another. AND none of the shows that I'm in are on any of them - not that I'm bitter, mind you ;).

Anyhow, I popped in my new DVD this morning while I was working out, and I made Dick sit in the room with me.

Cavaliers 1982 - The Jets Year.

I'm telling you - they just don't make 'em like that anymore.
Dick actually acknowledged that he liked watching this a lot more than any of the more recent shows that I've shown him.

Now, I'm going to sound like one of those old color guard hags - you know the ones... The ones we used to say should "get a life" when they used to come to shows 10 years after they aged-out. Yep, I'm one of them now.

I still go to WGI each year - strictly for social reasons, to catch up with my old friends. It's like a old college reunion for us. We all can hardly make it through one night of performances now! So sad - we really are getting old.

In My Day....

LOL. You all know what I mean. Well, any of you how were in my little color guard world, that is. The rest of you have no clue what I'm talking about, and probably stopped reading about 4 paragraphs ago.

So, I sat (or worked out) and watched Cavaliers 1982, Skylarks 1983, Erte Productions 1985, Odyssey 1986, Royal Guardsmen 1986, and Union High School 1987.

Those were they days.... I suppose it's because I've watched those shows hundreds of times each, and still know them by heart. I have a special group of friends who can all say the same thing. We're a dying breed, but we still exist.

My color guard years (1982-1995) were the equivalent to what most people think of their college years. They were some of the best years, and most memorable experiences of my life. I made some of my very best friends during those years, and they made me who I am today. I think the reason why I like to watch these old shows so much is because they just bring back floods of memories - the good, the bad, and the ones with the big hair.

My name is Trina, and I am a big 'ol old school color guard geek. I suppose some things will never change.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Another Doctors Appointment

I had my first appointment with my new GP today. It went really well. What struck me the most was how very thorough she was. I'm so accustomed to being a patient at Kaiser where you see one doctor for this, and another for that. For example, I had a GP, an OB-GYN, and a Neurlogist.

When Dick and I got married, and I was put onto his medical insurance, I just assumed that I was supposed to find a new doctor for each of these fields.

I had my first appointment with my new OB-GYN last month which went well, and haven't yet been able to make an appointment with a new Neurologist.

My new GP asked me this morning for all medications that I take, so that she could arrange for my new prescriptions. This kind of blew my mind, because prescription refills were really the only reasons why I tried to find new doctors for each field. I haven't had to actually see my Neurologist at Kaiser for over 5 years, because my condition seems to have been stabilized, but I need to know that I can still get my medication refilled. Since my new GP can refill my prescriptions, and I'm sure that she can refer me to another neurologist if the need arises, I think I may back down from making an appointment with a new one, since I don't really need to. Make sense? Or, am I missing something here?

Anyhow, I really like my new GP. She was very cool, and seemed to be very thorough.

I also found out that I'm actually taller than I thought! I thought I was just under 5'3", (but still in the 5'2" range) but today I measured in at 5' 3.5"! Whoo Hoo. (this helps, when my husband is 6'2"). I also weighed in heavier than I would have liked, but, as we all know, all scales are evil, and they should all be destroyed ;)

♥ Kimi ♥

My wonderful friend, Kimi, has started a blog! This makes me very happy.

Kimi is one of my dearest friends. We go all the way back to high school. Actually, we go all the way back to being the only two 13-year-olds in our high school marching band! Kimi and I both played flute, and we were cute little band geeks together. We have so many things in common, it's no wonder that we became fast and true friends. Our birthdays are only 15 days apart, which means that we're both Tauruses, born in the year of the Dog. We also both started school early (at age 4 instead of at 5), which made us two of the youngest people in our class. We had many classes together during our high school career: History, English, Honors English, Biology, AP Biology, AP History, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, and I'm sure many others. We spent countless hours studying together at my parent's house.

One of favorite memories of Kimi is when the two of us were in Honors English together in our Junior Year. We were reading Hamlet, and one of our assignments was to memorize a soliloquy, and to recite it in an interesting and unusual way. Somehow, one of us got the bright idea to rap Hamlet! We made matching t-shirts which had a drawing of Shakespeare on the front, and Rappin' Willy on the back. We even threw in a little break dancing into our performance. We got an "A". :) I should hunt down a picture from that.

This photo is from 1989, when we were both 19 years old. I was living in Dayton, Ohio at the time (for color guard), and Kimi came out to visit for a few days. (the true sign of a good friend!) This photo just cracks me up. Remember, this is 1989, and yes, that really is my hair. It was the 80s. What can I say? Kimi managed to have a lot more style-sense than me (read: no perm). My sister (who I lived with) was really good at finding great bargains at vintage/thrift stores in Dayton. Kimi found this gorgeous brocade dress and jacket for something like $5. Of course, I, am wearing the long baggy sweater over the printed stretch pants ;) Nice look, huh?

I have so much love and admiration for my friend, Kimi. She's such a beautiful person, inside and out. She has already had many adventures in life: she has lived in the Bay Area, Texas, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Italy. She married a wonderful man, and has two amazing little boys. Have I mentioned that she's a very talented artist?

Kimi and her family live nearby in San Jose now. So much closer than when she lived in Italy! I'm embarrassed to admit that we don't see each other nearly as much as we should. In fact, I think the only time we saw each other last year were at my Bridal Shower, and our wedding. Hmmmm. We need to work on that.

Kimi and I used to "pass notes" in high school. We would crack each other up with notes filled with drawings and funny stories. I really look forward to reading her blog.