Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Quote of the Day

I just got off the phone with my friend, Tammy, who lives outside of Chicago.

She just got back from visiting a mutual old friend of our's (Bill), who I haven't seen in several years. (He currently lives in Virginia)

Tammy was updating him on my life, and told him about my husband and our gay boyfriend.

Bill told her, "Tell her that she isn't allowed to have two, until the rest of us have at least one!"


What can I say? I'm a spoiled, and lucky girl! ;)

They're Baaaaaaaaack!

Remember that hysterical video of the two guys lip-synching to The Backstreet Boys?

Well, apparently they had some more free times on their hands, and they've done another round.

(Thanks to Reeves for the update!)

A few notes:
  • It's not nearly as funny as the first video, but still good for a laugh. (sometimes, you just can't recreate an classic)
  • The guy on the left is out of the cast!
  • I miss the headband (on the guy on the right)
  • Yep, the guy in the background is still playing "Doom" on his computer - completely ignoring the camera.
  • I think it's kind of funny that I've been completely unfamiliar with these songs (which I assume are quite popular) until I see these videos. (I think I'm showing my age, or at least my un-hipness!)

Monday, November 28, 2005

Tales of the Cartoon Squash Baby - Part II
"The Delicious Demise"

Alas, all good things must come to and end....

After a couple of happy, and memorable weeks with the Cartoon Squash Baby (which included an angel-hair pasta hair make-over), it was time for the little Cartoon Sqaush Baby to fulfill its Butternut Squash Destiny.

Christopher and I had Pete, Richard and Lora over for dinner last night. I made Butternut Squash Baby Soup, and Christopher made an amazing roast with rosemary potatoes and carrots. He also whipped up an amazing English-style chocolate pudding for dessert.

In the end, the Cartoon Squash Baby made an excellent soup.

We did, of course, take photos to document the historic event.

This Blog Post contains images that may be disturbing to younger viewers. Parental discretion is advised:

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Just me and my Gay Boyfriend

Everyone should have one!

I dropped Dick off at the airport this morning. He's on his way to Shanghai for the week on business.
It sounds like he should have a great time. He's traveling with Omar, and meeting up with a whole bunch of people from his group.

I felt a little silly this morning, but I was actually kind of sad and sappy when I dropped him off. I realize that a week isn't a long time at all, but I honestly can't remember the last time he went away for a week without me. (I'm a lucky and spoiled girl)

Noe was unusually clingy with Dick all weekend - I think she knew he was going somewhere. She definately knew something was up when she saw the suitcase come out. When I came back from the airport this morning, Christopher said that Noe had been grumpy all morning since we left.

I'm so happy that my Bro is here with me. It'll make the week a lot less lonely :)

Saturday, November 26, 2005

For the Record....

Dick, Christopher and I (finally) just beat "Government District" on Ghost Recon 2!
That was a first for the 3 of us.

We played until 2:30am last night, and wrapped up just before midnight tonight.

Now that's what I call a healthy addiction.


Sunday, November 20, 2005

7 Years

Hey, I just remembered:

7 Years! (as Pete would say)

What am I talking about?


Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Tale of the Cartoon Squash Baby

(Because absurd humor runs amuck here in His 'n Her Condos)

This may be one of my strangest stories ever.
But, you know what they say, "I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!"

Our tale begins sometime early last week, when I had a seasonal craving for Butternut Squash Soup. (Mmmmm, Soup!) I went to the Grocery store, and bought a lovely butternut squash.

It's been unseasonably warm all week. Too warm for soup, so the little butternut squash has been sitting on the counter.

The other night, after dinner, I excused myself to the bathroom while Christopher and Dick were cleaning up in the kitchen. I swear, I was out of the room for less than 30 seconds.

When I stepped out, I walked into the kitchen and what did my eyes see:

Dick, cradling the butternut squash (like a baby) and mimicking baby cries!

Ummmmmmmmm, what did I miss?

Well, it turns out that the boys noticed the butternut squash laying there, and Christopher commented that it looked like a baby. That's when Dick picked it up, and started to cradle it.

But wait! It gets even better than that!

Next step: he drew a face on the Butternut Squash!

Yep, our little butternut squash has a face now: two eyes, and a mouth, complete with one front tooth!

I swear it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen! I laughed, and guffawed, and even snorted!

Dick has since affectionately named the Butternut Squash "Cartoon Squash Baby".

We introduced Pete and Richard to our Cartoon Squash Baby last night, and we even had our first photo shoot.

How am I ever going to cook this thing now?

Friday, November 18, 2005

Chicken & Waffles?

I went to see the new Harry Potter movie this morning with my Mom, Dad, Sister, her boyfriend, Graham, Uncle Bill, and my friend, Andrew. Don't any of these people work? ;)

The movie was GREAT! We all really enjoyed it.

As always, we met at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland. I love this theater. If you haven't been, you should really check it out. It's gorgeous - like The Castro Theater. We have seen all the Harry Potter films, and the new Star Wars films here - all on opening day. They sell tickets in advanced, but really, the crowd isn't very large, and the theater is HUGE. Extra bonus: I read on their website that they were closed Monday through Thursday of this week to install new chairs in all of their theaters. We had the first showing today at 11:30am, so I do believe that we sat in brand-spankin'-new theater seats.


After the movie, we went down towards Jack London Square to a place that my sister had turned my parents on to:
House of Chicken and Waffles.

That's right. Fried Chicken and Waffles - served together on one plate.

A little bit of sweet and crispy, and a little bit of fried and savory.

They also had all the other Southern Standards: grits, greens, mac 'n cheese, sweet tea, etc.,

But how could you pass up the opportunity to eat 3 fried chicken wings served with a waffle?

I made the assumption that this must be a Southern thing.
I was mistaken.
Dick, Pete & Richard (all from the South) had never heard of such a combo.

Christopher said he'd seen it before in the Mid-West.

Who knew?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Harry Potter Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(hmmmm.... seems as if I've used that blog title before...)

Tomorrow, Friday, November 18th, 2005.


(matinee pricing, even!)

Been awhile since your read Book IV? Need a refresher course before seeing the film?
Here's a cool article.

Think you know all that is Harry Potter?
Take this Harry Potter Quiz!

For the record, I got 85%. One I knew I didn't remember, and the other one acknowledges that it's a trick question!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Be nice to me...

What I'll do for a free donut...

I donated blood for the first time today! I'm embarrassed that I've never done it before - I tried a few times, but each time I had a different reason why I couldn't do it.

I've thought for a long time that I'd be an ideal blood-donor candidate. Mostly because I have no qualms with blood, needles, etc., Actually, I'm always kind of fascinated whenever I have blood tests done, and I enjoy watching the little viles fill up.

So, today's donation was a success, and I hope to make a habit out of it.

I feel like it's just a little something I can do to hopefully make a difference.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

One of those weeks...

Why didn't anyone warn me that this week is: "All of your electronics will cause you problems" week?

Yesterday, it was my computer. (which seems to be working itself out)

Today, it's problems with the automatic litter box.


What a pain.

On the whole, I'm still pretty happy with our Litter Robot. It works as advertised. The problems that we have with it have more to do with the size of our cats (Marcel is a BIG cat). If it were just Noe using it, we'd probably be fine.

But I digress...

Today, I thought I was being the responsible cat owner by washing down the litter box. It is truly my least favorite chore around the house. I got everything all cleaned up, but then noticed that the power lights were all blinking wildly. When I put the globe back on, it just kept on spinning.

Luckily, the Litter Robot comes with an 18 month warranty, which we're still covered by. I called the help line, and a very nice lady explained that it was probably a problem with the circuit board. She's sending me a new one, and claims it's easy to replace.

In the meantime, went down into the basement looking for the old, standard litter box. For the life of me, I couldn't find it. Instead, I found the old Litter Maid that my Mom gave us when she decided to switch Claude back to his regular box. Noe and Marcel used one for years, but when it died, I decided to give the Litter Robot a whirl (so to speak). I had to reassemble the darned thing, but finally got it back together. We'll use it until we see if the new circuit board does the trick.

...and here I thought I was just going to spend a half an hour or so cleaning the first litter box.

Those kitties should just learn how to use the toilet already!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Mac Problems

Oy. I hate it when this happens.

Last Friday, I got my weekly notice that Apple had some system updates for me to download. I usually look through the list, see if it's important, and if it's anything significant, I'll click download. One of the downloads was a security update, so yeah, I clicked the button.

As it was downloading, I switched my 17" monitor over to my PC. Next thing I knew, my Mac's monitor was telling me that it needed to be restarted - but not in the good way. It was in that way that my computer crashed, and I had to force a restart.

Okay, that's alright. I hold down the power button, give it a single click, and it restarts. No dead Mac icon, so that's a good thing. It starts to restart, and eventually gets to the blue screen, then....nothing.

uh oh.

I tried a disk utility, and it repairs the disk, which usually does the job.

Not this time.

So i reinstall Operating System - I knew this was risky, but hey, I back up, so what's the worst that could happen?

The reinstall went well, and it all seemed to be in working order. I was able to restart, get to all of my files, and do a back-up of all important files.


So, I went along my way, and had a nice weekend. I only needed my computer for IM'ing, email, web, etc,.

Last night, I opened up a Photoshop file that I was working on for a client.

That's when I found out that some of my fonts aren't in my system anymore.


Okay - that's okay. I actually still have my 6+ year old Powerbook, that has most of my fonts as well. This morning, I managed to boot it up, found the fonts, and Dick and I managed to remember how to add it to the network.

So, this should be simple now, right?

My old computer is hooked up to my current one, and I should be able to just copy the font files over.


Whenever I try to copy any font files over, I'm told that I don't have "sufficient privileges".

Okay - tech gurus, what's up with this? I feel like I'm one step away from making this all work again.

any advice?


All fixed!
(I love my hubby!)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Buy a House, get a Bride!

Hmmmm, I think this is actually for real.

For a mere $600,000, you too can buy a lovely house in Denver, CO, complete with a Bride!

here's the article from

Is it me, or is that just a little crazy?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Boys on Film

Our professional photos won't be ready for a couple of more weeks still, so my photographer sent me a few "teaser" photos to pacify me.

Dick and a bunch of his buddies met up with our photographer in Union Square early in the afternoon.

Take a look at these stud muffins!