Saturday, August 19, 2006

Another Treena

On my birthday in 2004, I wrote a blog explaining how my parents came up with and decided on my name. I thought it was a pretty funny story; One that I assumed was unique to me and my parents.

Imagine my surprise when I received this email this morning:

Hi there Trina,
Just read your blog about how your mum named you.
Funny thing is my mum was going to call me "Dimity" but in March 1969 my dad was watching the same show that you mentioned your mum was watching, my dad liked the name "Treena" so hence that is what I am called. What a funny thing nearly a year later your mum called you "Trina".
Just thought you would like to know the coincidence.

Isn't that terrific?! There's another Treena out there whose parents named her after watching The Galloping Gourmet! My parents will surely be as amazed as I was. This Treena even has the exact same spelling as The Galloping Gourmet's Wife, Treena.

It's a fairly unusual name, and I've only met a few Trina/Treenas during my life, and usually they use it as a nickname for "Katrina".

I wrote another blog post in October, 2003 about the "other" Trina Chow that I know of who lives in Southern California. (Another amazing story)

I love the web. I've been on the internet for more than 11 years now, and I've been able to collect such amazing assortment of stories since then! You just never know who/what else is out there!

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