Monday, October 31, 2016

Our morning at Fort Funston

The trails at Fort Funston have turned to green and beautiful from all of the recent rain.

Wallace is getting really good with his recall (coming to us when called with a specific command). He's pretty fast, too! Especially considering he's missing a leg. :)

Chris and Tiffany's Wedding

The Bosch's (our long-time neighbors in Milpitas) son Chris just got married!

Chris is the first (and one of very few) babies/kids I ever babysat for. His wife, Tiffany, is just as sweet as can be, and we couldn't be happier for them.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Creep-a-Rama 2016!!!

I'm a little late in posting these photos (I've posted the date to reflect the day after our party) but here are the photos from our annual Halloween Party!

As always, we held our Halloween Party on the Saturday night before Halloween. Our theme this year was "All Things San Francisco", celebrating our return to San Francisco this year. It's been three years since we last held our Halloween Party (since we were in Seattle). We suggest the theme to our friends, but they are always welcome to wear a costume of anything of their choosing.

Dick and I dressed as "San Francisco Treats": Rice-a-Roni and It's-It Ice Cream. We were pretty crafty with our costumes and decorations this year. We constructed our costumes out of Science-Fair display cardboard, ribbon, and enlarged photos that I had printed from high-resolution scans that I made from boxes of each product.

Dick had the idea to create enormous silhouettes of various San Francisco landmarks. We purchased a huge roll of black butcher paper and made cut outs of The Golden Gate Bridge (Dick's masterpiece), Coit Tower, Twin Peaks (and Sutro Tower) and the Transamerica Building. We were really pleased with how well they turned out.

Ever year, our friends amaze us with their cleverness and execution of their costumes. This year, they didn't disappoint!! Here are some of the photos I took. Unfortunately, I missed taking photos of a few of our guests, so I've grabbed some photos from other people to include here.


Halloween glassybaby

The Transamerica Tower

Twin Peaks/Sutro Tower

Coit Tower

Rice-A-Roni and It's-It
(with a cameo by "Where's Wallace"!)

Andy as the San Francisco Naked Guy

Barry dressed as various San Francisco Treats! (Great minds think alike!)

The Golden Gate Bridge

The intersection of Haight and Ashbury (with a 60s Hippy!)

Battle of the Bay!

Shawn came as Wells Fargo Bank

Group shot of Jennifer, Jose, Dick and Dean
(and Where's Wallace!)

Blane as a gargoyle!

Dean and Jose as Diego Rivera and Frida Khalo (amazing!)

Shoko and Shan

Sharla and Michele

Andy and Barry enjoying their It's-Its!

Abbe and Eve as Karl the Fog

Zak (who was visiting from Chicago) and the Transamerica Building hat he made *that very afternoon*!!

Wallace was exhausted by the end of the party (but was a very good host throughout!)

The rest of the photos from from Blane and Miguel's cameras:

Blane without his gargoyle mask

Blane's gargoyle costume

Miguel and David as Jedi Knights

Shawn and Manny as Wells Fargo Bank and Handy Manny

Friday, October 28, 2016

High Tea with Jason!!!

Jason is in San Francisco for a short couple of days. Yay!!

Considering he loves in Chicago, and I'm in San Francisco, it's pretty amazing that this is the fourth time we've seen each other this year!!

We met for a late lunch at one of our favorite places in SF for High Tea.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Our day in Brentwood

Wallace and I spent the day in Brentwood visiting my Grandma and my parents. Wallace enjoy playing with (and falling into) my parent's new fountain in their backyard.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Green Day in Concert in Berkeley!!!

Best. Concert. Ever.

Longer post coming tomorrow.

PS: I heart Billie Joe.