Thursday, June 30, 2005

Stop pickin' through my frickin' TRASH!

It's really one of the annoyances of living in City. Does this happen to those of you in the 'burbs?

Thursday morning is trash day. I brought the cans out around 10:00pm last night. Sometime between 10:00pm and 7:00am some stupid soul decided it would be smart to dig through our trash again. That means taking the plastic trash bags out of the garbage can, and emptying the contents on the side walk. Which means that there are bags of used kitty litter and random trash spread along the sidewalk in front of our house. I mean really... what do they expect to find?

The surprising thing is that this time, they didn't touch the recycling bin. All of the aluminum cans and glass bottles were still in there. That's what's usually gone, and I don't care at all about that.

So, I guess this should be a lesson of protecting oneself against identity theft - never recycle or throw away any important documents without shredding them first. Which we do, but hey, you never know.

I really wonder what these people are thinking....

IDIOTS! (as Napoleon Dynamite would say...)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

35 Years of Pride

This weekend is the 35-Annual Gay Pride event here in SF. We met up with Pete, Richard, Blane and Lorevic for drinks yesterday afternoon at the Metro for cocktails.

Seeing all of the rainbow flags up in the neighborhood (even more than usual, i should say) reminds me of a fun story from when i first moved to this neighborhood almost 7 years ago. My parents were driving my paternal grandparents (who live in Stockton) to SF to show them my new place. Once they reached the Castro, my Grandfather saw all of the flags and asked, "Oh, is there a parade?"

My Mom, in all her wisdom, answered, "Yes. Yes, it is a parade!"
LOL - I say, "It's a parade every day here in the Castro!".

Another thing that pride weekend reminds me is how thoroughly lucky we are to live in this neighborhood, in this city, and in the Bay Area in general. In this area, people are able have pride in their diversity, sexuality, individuality, equality and acceptance of all, and to celebrate these qualities with one another in public. I've lived in other parts of the country where men and women are not as fortunate, and they have to be much more aware and careful of what they may say and do in public.

This brings to mind one of the most relevant blog posts that I've ever put up, and the ironic thing is: it isn't even something that I wrote myself. It's a letter that was read at the Memorial Service of our friend, Al Nicols. The letter was written by the husband of one of his color guard students who grew up in Wisconsin. This young man wrote a letter that so eloquently explained how meeting Al changed his life. I read this letter every once in a while to remind myself that we can not take for granted that everyone is as open minded or as liberal as we are.

This was actually one of my earliest posts from when just I started to Blog almost two years ago. I wrote it before I had as many frequent visitors to my site as i do now, so I doubt that many of you have read it.

here's the link.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Best of Craigs List

Dick just found this hilarious post.
(and since he doesn't update his blog anymore, I'll put it on mine!)

"Save Mittens!"

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Confession time....

Okay, I admit.
I've realized that i have a strange addiction that I can't fully explain or rationalize.

Whenever I stay at a cool hotel like the "W", they always have really nice, quality bath products. This time it was by "Bliss", and times that I've stayed before, they had products by "Aveda".

Well, this stuff is really nice! It smells yummy, and it feels nice to use.
...and I don't use it at home because it's pricey stuff, and I can't get it at Costco! ;)

So when I stay at places like this, I .... um.... well......OKAY, I admit it! I tuck the extra bottles away, and take them home with me!

ahhhh, it feels good to say it out loud.

"My name is Trina and I am a collector of nice hotel bath products."

I totally know where I get it from, too.
My parents have several shelves full of miniature bath goodies!
It's in the genes. I cannot deny it!

I keep these little bottles (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion) in my toiletry bag, so when I go on vacation to other hotels or friend's houses, I'll have my own stuff, and won't have to worry about using theirs. Plus, because I like these little goodies so much, and don't usually use them at home, it's a nice treat to have while on vacation! :) ... and I don't have to go to the Drug Barn or Target to buy overpriced travel-sized bottles before I leave! (...she said, rationalizing)

I also used to keep these little guys in our guest bathroom so that our guests could use them. I don't really do that now, because we don't exactly have a guest bathroom. We have a bathroom upstairs ("hers") and a bathroom downstairs ("his") so we keep full-sized products in each. Our guests can use either/both showers when they stay with us.

The best part of this story is that last year, my dear friend Sheri was up in Cupertino, on business from Southern Cal. We met at her swanky hotel, and went up to her room for a bit before I needed to leave. I noticed that she had some nice Aveda products in the bathroom, and said something like "Don't you love it when hotels have that stuff?". She said that she didn't even notice because she makes it a habit to travel with her own stuff. So she offered me her whole kit-and-caboodle. I thought that was really nice, and kind of funny all at the same time. That's a sign of a good friend: "Here Trina, have my complimentary hotel toiletries".

Even funnier is that Sheri went on a business trip either at the end of last year, or earlier this year. I don't know where she stayed, but it was somewhere that had Aveda products again. Long story short, one day, the postman delivered a fat envelope from Sheri. It was filled with a week's worth of hotel-sized Aveda products! (big smile!) She had sent me the mother load of hotel-sized bath products! What a friend!

sometimes, I can't believe what I spill on this blog....
how embarrassing.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I'm Batman.

Well, it rained all morning/afternoon here in Seattle, so I decided to take advantage of the weather, and became a hermit for the day.

I worked a little this morning, worked out for an hour in the late morning, (it's really cool when you're the only one using the excercise room!) chilled in the fab room, then walked to the mall to see a movie.

Not bad. It's nice to be on a mini-vacation!

So, I saw Batman Begins today.
I dug it! I think it's my favorite of all of the Batman movies so far.
It just occurred to me that I part of the reason why I enjoyed it so much was because they used a more obscure villian for this installment - The Scarecrow. For some reason, I always really liked this character. (from the old WB Batman: the Animated Series) I guess I didn't know much about this movie before I saw it today, because I had no idea which villian was going to be in it.
Anyway, if you like this kind of thing, go see it, you'll enjoy it!

Tonight, we're going to out to Wild Ginger with Omar and Aditya (and maybe Shan, I don't know exactly) I LOVE Wild Ginger! Mmmmmm. My sister will be jealous! ;)

Last night, we met up with Martin to see his new home. He took us out to Typhoon! for dinner. (Typhoon - get it? It's a Thai restaurant) He took Dick there last time he was here, and Dick hasn't stopped talking about it. It was delicious! Check it out if you're ever in the area.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Seattle - as advertised!

Here's the weather report from Seattle: Rain.

what'd you expect?

i just went out for a walk, had a cup of clam chowder and a shrimp cocktail for lunch, and strolled around. I hopped into a bookstore for a few minutes, came out, and heard thunder!

Luckily, I came prepared with an umbrella.

Greetings from Seattle

I'm in Seattle for a couple of days now. Dick has some business up here, and I'm tagging along for the ride. (ah, the joys of having a laptop computer. I love my Powerbook!)

We're staying at the "W" in downtown Seattle. I stayed here with Dick a couple of years ago. It's a pretty swanky place, although I can do without the loud club music on the lobby level in the evenings. bah humbug. I must be getting old. ;)

Whenever we've stayed at any of the W Hotels, it reminds me of Omar and Lora's place. Really, stepping out in the hallway from the elevator here is just like stepping out of the elevator in their place! (only, there's no Misha cat here)

a couple of things that I love about staying here at the "W":
All of their bath products are by Bliss They are all so yummy!
I also LOVE their bathrobes here. I think the style is called a spa robe. I've got to get one of these for home. Then again, if I did, I fear I may never change into "real" clothes. ;)
The bed here is so comfy - 350 thread count sheets with down pillows & comforters. I slept like a rock last night. (but I miss our kitties)

Speaking of kitties, I'm sure that our's are being well taken care of by Uncle Pete and Uncle Richard. Thank you, Pete & Richard!

The weather forecast calls for mid-70s with a chance of showers or thunderstorms today and tomorrow.
Imagine that: I'm in Seattle, and there's a chance of rain. go figure.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Scale highs and lows

As I've mentioned before, I hate scales. I think they are one of the life's unnecessary evils.

My hate from them goes way, way back to my color guard days. We used to get weighed-in weekly, and I admit that I developed an unhealthy relationships with scales ever since.

I even did a performance art piece about it in art school. I walked around in a white unitard, eating oreo cookes, and downing them with slim-fast. All the while, I quoted some of the lines seen here.

I've learned that the best solution to beat the scale is to stay away from them.
I didn't even keep one in the house for years.
I try to make sure that I lead an active, healthy life-style, and I gauge my weight on whether or not my clothes fit ;)

So, here's today's kicker:

We bought a scale last year to weigh our big cat, Marcel. The poor little guy has been on a diet the entire 5 years that we've had him. Anyway, the last time I weighed myself on this scale, it said I had gained over 6 lbs in under 4 weeks.


But, I've been feeling pretty good lately: we've had a chance to do some really great urban hikes, and have gotten serious about working out with our new Elliptical Machine. So this morning, on a whim, I decided to take a peek at the scale just to see what was going on. I figured, it couldn't be any worse than last time!

Today the scale was kind and gracious, and showed me a number which, for the first time in several years, I was actually happy to see.

...and now I plan to stay off of it for another year or so ;)

Happy Birthday to Willo!

She turns the big 3-0 today!

It's Kazoo's Mama's Birthday today! I'm picking her up at Noon for a lunch-time adventure! Can't wait to help her celebrate!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Day Four

20 minutes!

Whoo Hoo!
Go Me!

...and I managed to do it without passing out ;)

Don't worry, someday soon I'll blog about something much more relevant and interesting :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Progress! Day Three

Like anyone really cares....

this is more for my own personal tracking than anything else, so bear with me....

kept to the same settings as yesterday, but today I managed not to get a cramp in my side, and I didn't feel like I was going to pass out after 10 minutes.

now, that's progress!

I think I can shoot for 20 minutes next week (she said, optimistically)

Today's favorite song of the day:
Still off the The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
"I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor
Ah, yes. A classic.
But you've got to admit - it'll keep you going!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Finding Nerverland

We just watched Finding Neverland tonight.

What an enchanting movie. I really enjoyed it.
It made me feel warm, fuzzy, and sad - all at the same time.

You should rent it.

Kitten Games

This is hysterical.

Oh my.
Better not let Marcel & Noe see this.

Today's Work-Out Session

also known as: "Day Two with the Elliptical Machine that kicks my ass...."

Oh my.
This machine certainly performs as advertised! :)

I learned my lesson from yesterday and dialed down the workout today. I figure it's best to ease into this routine, rather than jump right in and kill myself in the process.

For the record:
Fat Burning Program
Level 4 (down from level 6 from yesterday)
15 minutes (down from an attempted 20 from yesterday)

Now, I do feel kind of wimpy doing a 15 minute session, but trust me, right now, that's the right thing to do. I'll see how this week goes, and will try to increase the time next week.

even more important workout information
Today's Workout Music: The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Nothing like a little gay-bar, 70s Disco music to get ya going!
I only made it through the first 3rd of the album today, so I'll continue with it tomorrow.
Today's personal favorite song (because it makes me laugh, and wonder if anyone ever took this song seriously):
I've Never Been to Me by Charlene. (Track 1)
Who writes this stuff?!

Rent The Movie

here's the trailer for the movie Rent. Looks like it's set for release in November of this year.

I know they've been doing a lot of filming for it here in San Francisco. Omar and Aditya both saw the filming in their neighborhoods.

At the risk of sounding too mainstream, I have to admit that Rent and Les Miserables are probably my two favorite Broadway Musicals.

Les Mis just started a run at the Curran Theater in San Francisco again. My sister said that this is a really strong production. (she has a lot of friends on the crew/cast). If you haven't seen it before (like Dick) you really should. It's probably one of the longest shows out there (which isn't good for those of us with increasingly short attention spans) but really, as Broadway Musicals go, this one is Epic. I've seen it more times than I can count since 1989, and it still gets me.

I first saw Rent in 1997 while it was touring in Washington D.C. My sister was touring with The Phantom of the Opera at the time, and I used to plan mini vacations around visiting her in different cities.

I have to admit that I really loved Rent when I first saw it. (Even though my Dad thought the music was "too loud" and told that to my sister's friend who was the Stage Manager of the show) It probably has something to do with the era in my life in which I saw it. I was just out of art school (and 12 years of color guard) and could honestly relate to the characters in the play. Dick always teases me about my "Bohemian Friends" - which I take as a compliment! :) It was also the time that I was dealing with the early stages of my neurological condition, and sadly, I had just begun to lose friends to AIDS. I think that's another reason why this play was so timely for me personally.

From what I can tell so far, the movie looks like it'll be great. I'm thrilled that the cast features many of the original Broadway Cast members who originated the roles in 1996. That's key. (Hello Jesse Martin!)

And really, who doesn't get a little choked up when they hear Seasons of Love?

Monday, June 13, 2005

Need Ink?

I have a couple of (almost) new Black ink cartridges from my old Epson Stylus C84 printer.

They are: T0431
good for: Epson Stylus C84/C86/CX6400 or CS6600

Anyone want 'em?

Think you're in shape? Think again!

We got our new Elliptical Machine delivered on Friday. I didn't have a chance to use it until this morning.

In short, this machine kicked. my. ass.

I barely lasted 20 minutes on it, and I was DONE!

I suppose it's the same sensation I had after the first morning that we worked out in Hawaii (also on Elliptical machines) but I managed to do better as each day progressed.

I guess I'll just have to accept the fact that I need to build up my stamina and strength on this machine, too. Makes sense. Plus, I was sick after we came home from Hawaii, and haven't been able to work out at all since.

So, from my first experience, the machine is fantastic. We shopped online for a few days, and read all kinds of reviews on different machines before deciding on one. We also went to 3 different stores to actually try them out. This machine have a few important elements that helped us decide on buying this one. For starters, it has a large 19.75" stride length, which is important because of Dick's height. Some of the smaller (and less expensive) models that we looked at only had a stride length of maybe 15" or so. Those worked fine for me, and the machines were generally smaller. However, when Dick tried them out at the stores, we realized that he probably wouldn't benefit from them as much, and would be compromising his workout. That's when we focused on stride length as one of the most important factor. The other great feature that this model has is that it is foldable which is especially cool. The foot print of the machine is a whopping 79"L x 27" W x 69" high. However, it can fold down to 42"Long. That's cool. We're going to keep it in our guest bedroom/Raggedy Room since we have space in there, and we don't generally use the room. It'll be nice to be able to fold it up when we do have company.

That's the first work-out report from here. I'll keep you posted on our progress :)

Saturday, June 11, 2005

The wonders of the Internet

a.k.a. The follow-up story of the lost package

This is just amazing. I posted this blog last night at 10:17pm.

I recieved the following email this morning at 10:19am:

Trina:I have your package - my name is Bill xxxx and I live at xxxx 22nd St., between Noe and Sanchez. Amazon has your address on it, but UPS put my address on it and delivered it to me.The Wonders of Google. I entered your name and "San Francisco" and up pops your post, complaining of losing a package!I'm out with my young daughters around the neighborhood today, but you can call me on my cell at xxxxxxx to coordinate pickup. Bill

Okay, really. That's amazing.
It's my favorite "how the internet has helped me" story ever!

Special thanks to Bill for taking the time to track me down!

Friday, June 10, 2005

another lost package

Looks like I have another lost package sent by

Didn't this just happen about a month ago with another package?

This is getting very frustrating.

(by the way, they did send a replacement package for the last one that was lost)

This one is not a big deal - it's an ink cartridge refill for the new printer I ordered - but still, I'd like to have it.
The printer was also supposed to be delivered today, but I wasn't home to recieve it. At least I know that it was sent to the correct address!

The other package, with the extra ink cartridge, was sent to another address in our neighborhood. Like last time, the tracking number showed it was delivered to a different address, and that the sender wasn't So, what happened to my package?

At least I knew what to do this time. I scoured the site to find the email link, and sent them an email again. Hopefully, it'll all get sorted out soon.


More about Kenneth's Treasure Hunt

As I just mentioned, my 25-year old cousin Kenneth, is on a treasure hunt.

He came over this morning (to borrow my cell phone with a nation-wide plan) and gave me a brief explanation of what he's doing.

It's all part of a book called A Treasure's Trove. Apparently, it's a big deal. It came out last fall, and is a nationwide best seller. The website says it is "America's first ever Nationwide Treasure Hunt for $1,000.000 in jewels".

There are real treasures to be found - 12 in all. Kenneth said that the first 8 were recently found within the last couple of months. (none have been found on the West Coast yet)

here's a brief description of the book that I just lifted from

Treasure Trove is a fairy tale about real treasure for parents and children of all ages. The book is fully illustrated. This Fairy Tale takes place in a Great Forest and tells a sweet (and sometimes sad) story about friendship and greed, Good Fairies and Evil Fairies and how love is greater than fear. Also, concealed in the pages of this story, are the clues to twelve very real and very valuable treasures that are hidden around the continental United States for you to find and keep ...treasures similar to the jeweled Forest Creatures in the Fairy Tale. The treasures are not hidden in remote locations but rather in places accessible to everyone. You might even find one by accident, as you walk across a field or down a street. But none are on private property, and none are buried. Nothing needs to be lifted or moved for you to find them. But they are hidden well. The simple clues do not need any special knowledge to find or decipher. Anyone who can read can discover the exact location of each treasure --just the way one of the characters does in the story. This book is more than a treasure hunt. Enjoy reading it and take time to read it to a child. It will remind you and the child that we have to take care of each other, and take care of the earth. Oh yes --and not to be afraid of the dark. So, as you read and look carefully at the illustrations, if you believe in Fairies, you may find the clues that will lead you to the treasure.

Kenneth has been working on this for quite some time, and he's off to a location (that I will not disclose) to find a treasure! He returns tomorrow night. I'm anxious to see what happens next!

Swapping Phones for a day

In a series of weird (but not unfortunate) events, I'm swapping my cell phone with my cousin Kenneth for 48 hours. Kenneth is going on a Treasure Hunt (seriously, and literally) for a couple of days, and he needed a cell phone with a national plan (his is for the West Coast only).

I don't usually receive many calls on my cell phone, but I thought it was worth mentioning. If you need to get a hold of me over the next 24 hours, call me at home, or at the gallery.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Busy, busy

I've been really busy the last few days working full time at Kristi Yamaguchi's Always Dream Foundation. Our big fund raising event is this Saturday, and I've been helping to get things ready. Among other projects, I'm on the auction committee. We've doubled the amount of silent auction items from last year, so there's been a lot going on to get it all ready.

I'm already mentally prepared to know that I'm going to be wiped out after this weekend. Saturday is the big event, so we'll be getting everything set up during the afternoon, and working all night. Sunday is full of fun stuff, but we'll be one the go the whole time. We have a tasting with our caterer on Sunday afternoon. That'll be fun. I'm able to bring my Mom and Dad to this one. It'll be at the venue this time, which my parents haven't seen yet, so it'll be cool to show them around. (hopefully, they'll like it!) That evening, we'll be going out to see Company Chaddick's 20th Anniversary Performance. That's the dance company that our friends Pete and Blane (and many other friends and acquaintances) dance in.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Up in the middle of the night...

...for no apparent reason, I've been up since 4:00am.

My body is going to hate me for this in the morning.

...and probably for the rest of the day.


Monday, June 06, 2005

Thursday, June 02, 2005

spell with flickr

got this from Willo.

so cool.

Tallyrand restaurant sign, BurbankNNa

check it out for yourself!

I hab a stuffy nobe

I'm feeling much better, but still have some symptoms that just won't go away.

my nose is all stuffed up now.

I can't breath.

It's like scuba-diving all over again.