Sunday, August 20, 2006

Oh, the irony.

I'm feeling better today. I'm still really tired, but at least I don't feel like my stomach is going to explode.

I thought I should take a shower, and go out for a quick errand, just to see how I would feel afterwards. Dick wanted to go to Best Buy to buy some Xbox accessories. Well, I'm never one to turn down a trip to Best Buy, so I thought that would do well for my errand of the day.

Before we left, I realized that it would be possible that my camera would be in from being repaired. I dug out my receipt, and figured I'd bring it to the store with me, and check when we got there. I mentioned this to Dick, and he suggested calling before we go (no standing in line). It sounded like a good idea, so I called, and lo, it wasn't in yet.

So I tucked my receipt away again in my files, and we went to Best Buy. After we gathered all of our Geek Goods, we walked past the Geek Squad area. Dick asked if we needed anything else, as we were on our way to check-out, and I replied, "You don't suppose my camera would be ready to pick up now, do you?". We laughed, knowing it wouldn't have come in within the last half hour since I called. We checked out, and went home.

Once we got home, I noticed we had a message on our phone.

A click of the button showed "Best Buy" in the caller ID.

No Way!

We laughed, and listened to the message.

It was the same guy whom I had talked with before, apologizing, and saying he didn't know how he missed it, but yes, my camera was in, and ready to be picked up.


Unfortunately, I'm wiped out now, and don't think I have the energy to go out again.

Pretty funny, though.

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