Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Free 1 hour WiFi with T-Mobile!!

Dick and I are big fans of T-Mobile since we started to use them last year.

One of the extra perks that we just leaned about is that when you are flying in an airline with gogo inflight service, you can get - hour of free WiFi if you are a T-Monile customer. Dick had read about it earlier, and I'm trying it out for the first time.

Just another perk from T-Mobile!

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Dick waves goodbye to his friends in "The Uma"

Last Sunset on the Boat

Today's Sail

Today is our last full day on the boat. We've been so lucky with the weather. Dick finally managed to get me at the helm for the first time today!

Dick's BVI Celebrity Sighting

Dick has a favorite Vlog (video blog) that he's been watching for several months called "Sailing Uma". It follows a couple from the US who have refit a boat and are sailing around the world.

Their motto is "Don't Buy a Couch", meaning, don't put down too many roots, do you can pick up and leave easily.

After we tied to our mooring ball at Cane Garden Bay this afternoon, Dick was looking at the list of available WiFi networks. Imagine his surprise when one of the options listed was "dontbuyacouch". He did a little research on where the "Sailing Uma" couple were and realized that it was probably them. Then he looked out at the boats near us and actual spotted the Uma (their boat)!

Dick has never been one to get star struck by any kind of celebrity, so it amused me that he was SO excited to see the Uma and the couple from the show on their boat.

Eventually, they climbed into their row boat and towed near us. Ben, one of our friends on our boat yelled out to them that one of our boat's occupants was a big fan of their videos. We got a wave from them, and a fun sailing story for Dick. :)

Group shot!!

I'm pretty sure this is the group shot of the trip.

Alone on a desert island

...when you are (practically) alone on a desert island with your sweetie. ❤️

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday Night Dinner

Sunset Photos from Cane Garden Bay

Snorkeling at Monkey Point

We had the most beautiful and amazing snorkeling experience today at Monkey Point!! It was literally the best snorkeling I've ever done by far. We swam through an enormous school of small fish that just kept going on and on and on... We also saw a turtle!! So many colorful and beautiful fish of all sizes. It was all very exciting and so gorgeous.

We are utilizing our GoPro camera and it's underwater-ability. We captured some great video and I grabbed some stills from them.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Just Before Sunset


It's remarkable that I have WiFi on a boat in the middle of the Carribean.

The Wallace Report

Wallace us having a grand time staying with my parents at their home. It was very hot the first few days (mid 90s!) and this little city dog takes after his momma. Poor little guy doesn't do well in the heat, and kept seeking shade when he was out for even the quickie potty breaks. The weather has cooled down into the 70s, so he's been enjoying longer walks and running in a grassy area near their home.

Thanks to my Mom and Dad for taking such great care of Wallace, and for sending me daily photos!!!