Saturday, August 19, 2006

I think i ate a bad bug...

Whenever our little cat, Noe, gets sick, we always assume that she must have eaten a bad bug. We occasionally witness her hunting down and catching little bugs and eating them before we are able to stop her. Usually this means that she'll have an upset tummy the next day, and we have the joys of "cleaning up" after her.

On that note, I think I may have ate a bad bug.

We had a great dinner with Omar & Lora last night - steak and lobster at a Japanese grill-it-yourself place in Menlo Park.

When Dick and I were driving home, I realized that I was "very uncomfortable" from dinner. You know the feeling - like you simply ate too much. (and yes, I ate a lot, but I didn't think I ate THAT much) I figured I'd go home, go to bed, wake up and feel better.

Yep, that didn't happen. I still felt pretty bad this morning when I woke up after sleeping in past 10:00. My abdomen felt swollen, and was tender on the lower right side. Dick was worried that it may be early signs of appendicitis, so we looked it up on webmd. I didn't think it was that serious, so we decided to wait it out to see if it ever got worse.

Well, it never got worse, but it didn't really improve all day. I ended up sleeping most of the day (except for the 2 times that I woke up to blog - priorities!). I ate an apricot this morning, and had a cup of soup in the late afternoon. I ate not because I was hungry, but more because I realized I should put something in my system.

Luckily, we didn't have many plans this weekend, but I'm bummed because we had tickets to see "A Chorus Line" tonight. I was still planning to go as late as this afternoon, but Dick cautioned me that I shouldn't go since I've been in bed all day, and haven't had anything to eat. Dick isn't feeling too hot either, so he offered to stay home with me, and we sent Christopher off to see the show by himself. I hope he likes it!

I'm starting to feel a little better now - certainly no worse than I have all day, so I don't think that it's anything serious. On the plus side, I've been cuddling with my kitties in bed all day, so we've all enjoyed that.

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