Sunday, August 31, 2014

Family BBQ at the Chow House!

We had a really nice family BBQ at my Mom and Dad's house last night. My Mom and Dad made ribs, salmon, corn on the cob, and my Mom even made her potato salad for the first time since I can remember! So good!!!

Thanks, Mom and Dad!!

Sunday's Equally Epic 16-mile Training Walk

Sunday's Route

Another epic 16-miles filled with hills and stairs! After Saturday's 20-mile walk, we were ready for another grand adventure. We had gone to similar locations on another walk about a month ago, but Linda mixed it up and surprised us with lots of new stairs and trails. And stairs. And Steep Hills.

Did I mention the stairs?

There was one leg in Glenn Park neighborhood where we had four very steep and long lengths of stairs. Just as we made it to the top of one, we'd look across the street and see another. And another. It was really quite amazing!

Buns of Steel, Baby.

By the end of the day, my Fitbit reported that I had climbed 243 floors. The default goal is 10 per day.

So, let's see - we started off in the Presidio, went out to Arguello, to Fulton, to Stanyan and Parnassus. We had our first break at UCSF.

We were lucky to once again have volunteer route support! This time, our friend, Shaheen, who trained with us two years ago, and her husband, Srini, spent their day with us. They drove along our route, brought us food and water, and offered a car in case anyone needed it. We so appreciate having route support on these long walks. Thank you, Shaheen and Srini!!

I realized at the end of the day that I didn't take as many photos as I usually do. I think the reason is that we had so many stairs and hills, that I just had to focus on going up, and couldn't put my energy towards thinking about photos. :)

I did manage a few though!

here are some stairs leading to the Edgewood Trail

Follow the very wide red brick rode on the hill!

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho!

We found this really amazing mural (still in progress) at an elementary school, whose name I have forgotten. It shows all of the different neighborhoods around San Francisco. They didn't have Castro yet, or a few other neighborhoods, but ones that are done are pretty amazing!

Love this quote, as it pertains to our training walks:
"When you get tired of walking around San Francisco, you can always lean against it."

San Francisco Victorians on the hills

Coit Tower, Lombard Street, and the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill


Srini and Shaheen - our amazing route support for the day! Thank you!!!

Part of the Glenn Park Canyon Trail that we had walked on

Views from the top of Diamond Heights

More Views

Group shot at the top of Billy Goat Hill Park

Around mile 9, we were at Billy Goat Hill Park, which I think was new to most of us. Here, we found a couple of swings made of a circular wooden seat with a rope in the center, attached to a tall tree. One swing was close to the ground, and swung out above the hill. We saw a little girl on it, and some of our walkers gave it a shot. Trust me, it looked a little scary, even though it was very high.

The other swing was much further away from the trunk of the tree, and higher up from the hill. On first sight, many of us wondered how anyone would even go to the swing to be able to sit on it. All of a sudden, Catriona goes right over to the swing, hops on, and catapults herself over the hill! We all gasped! (and got some great photos!)

I think this is the most amazing photo of the entire weekend. Catriona suspended over the skyline of San Francisco!

After this point, it seems I took far fewer photos. I did manage this one photo of Laura with the cookbook she found sitting amongst other give-away books on the sidewalk in the Castro. We're all very excited to see what kind of great meals she makes with "The Farmer's Wife Slow Cooker Cookbook". :)

Laura's new book

Sunday's Stats

One of the most exciting thing about our walks on Sundays is that we end our walks at "Off the Grid" in the Presidio. This is were a few dozen food trucks come out every Sunday during the Summer. We bring out blankets out, and celebrate the completion of our weekend walks with yummy food and frozen mimosas. This Sunday was by far the most crowded I've ever seen it. I guess it's the combination of the holiday weekend and gorgeous weather.

Off the Grid

I almost always get the same thing - the Fried Chicken at Off the Grid is amazing, and such a wonderful treat!

Mmmmm... Fried Chicken!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday's Epic 20-mile Training Walk around San Francisco!

Saturday's Route

I'm in my fifth year of doing training walks, and I have to say: this weekend's walks were a doozy! Linda even said before we started that the 36-miles between Saturday and Sunday's walks would be EPIC. She wasn't kidding! I'm not sure if we've ever done so many steep hills and stairs during a longer walk (more than 12 miles) before, back to back! We were all up for the challenge though, and had a great time!

It was a GORGEOUS day! I needed a ride in the morning, so Sandy, Monica and Mary all picked me up at 5:40am. Yep, still dark out! Sandy and Monica have a ritual of starting their walking mornings at the Peet's coffee shop on Chestnut Street, so we drove over there, and Linda was already there.

early morning girls at the coffee shop

We met at the Transit Cafe at 6:30am, and were off by 6:45. As we walked along Crissy Field, we were able to witness a gorgeous sunset over the San Francisco Skyline.

Beautiful sunset over Alcatraz (to the left) and San Francisco

Early morning Golden Gate Bridge

the sunset makes for some very dramatic photos!

We walked down Crissy Field, through Fisherman's Wharf, and along the Embarcadero.

early Morning Bay Bridge

We continued along the Embarcadero, past AT&T Park, and eventually into Potrero Hill. We had a short break at the Whole Foods around mile 9, then continued UP into the hills of Potrero Hill, through the Mission, and to Dolores Park.

The top corner of Dolores Park - one of my favorite views of the City. This was roughly at mile 10

Linda likes to take photos of all of us jumping together. This photo cracks me up. Not sure how I had the energy to jump that high!

The top of Duboce Ave, near Buena Vista Park

We walked through the Castro, across to Duboce Park, then into the Richmond. We had our 14 mile break at the Andronico's.

One of our beloved past walkers, Alycia, and her husband, Robin, and son, Kevin, volunteered for route support for the day! Yes, they met us at 6:30am, and were with us the entire day. They made their car available in case anyone needed a break, and also fed us with homemade goodies and snacks all day long! Thank you, Alycia, Robin and Kevin! You are all AMAZING, and we really appreciate your love and support!!

Robin, near the table of food that Alycia had prepared

Just a small sampling of the food Alycia prepared for us. These were stuffed mushrooms and figs! SOOOO Yummy!!

Mama Alycia and Kevin

Did I mention what a nice day it was in San Francisco? The temperature only ranged from the mid-60s in the early morning to the mid-70s by early afternoon. It was clear and warm. We made sure to remember sunscreen!

Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach - around mile 17

We continued to walk up to Inspiration Point, where Alycia and Kevin had one more surprise for us: Alycia's homemade Cake Pops! So amazing!!

Kevin and Alycia with their Cake Pops!

We made our way through the Presidio back to our cars at the Transit Cafe. We kept a really good pace all day, and even finished a little bit early! Amazing day with some amazing friends.

Saturday's Stats

Friday, August 29, 2014

glassybaby glassroots tour stories

Do you remember when I was asked to do a video interview at glassybaby a couple of weeks ago? The blog post just went live on the glassybaby glassroots tour page! I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I'm glad that the interview was transposed rather than showing the actual video footage. :)

You can see the entire article on theglassroots tour community stories page.

introduction on the glassroots tour blog

full article on the glassroots tour community stories page

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Today's 8.5 Mile Walk

Today's Route

My friend, Nicole, offered to take me on a 8-mile training walk today. We walked on part of a walking/bike trail that she and her husband walk frequently. We started in Redmond, and turned around in Woodinville after a nice lunch break.

It was a hot one today - mid-80s. It was fine on the way out, as the trees provided a good amount of shade. After lunch, the sun had shifted, so we were in the direct sun for most of the way. *whew*!

It was a really nice walk, and I enjoyed spending the time with Nicole, and appreciate learning about this route. Great option to know about. Thanks, Nicole!!

Nicole and Trina early on - before we got all sweaty!

our lunch stop at Redhook Ale. Perfect!

I meant to take a photo of the yummy salad I had for lunch, but forgot. Here's the tasty menu!

after I left Nicole's house, I passed by and had to stop at a nearby Baskin Robbins and treat myself to a Cappuccino Blast!

Today's Stats

Monday, August 25, 2014

Today's 10-mile Training Walk

Today's Route

I'm heading back to San Francisco this weekend for two training walks totaling 36 miles. We'll be walking 20 miles on Saturday, and another 16 miles on Sunday. I thought I'd better get a couple of higher-milage walks in this week to prep. I usually do 5-miles, but today I amped it up to 10+.

I thought I'd try something a little different. I mapped out a walking route to Dick's work, and found that it was about 5 miles. I thought I'd walk to his place in the late morning, have lunch with him, then walk back for a total of 10 miles. I haven't walked much in that direction at all, so I figured it would be a fun and new experience.

I left my place around 10:15 this morning, and arrived at his office around 11:45. Pretty good speed, considering there are lots of intersections that I have to wait at lights.

I had a really nice lunch with Dick (they had a food truck with Philly Cheesesteaks in front of their building today), and headed back home around 1:00.

Lunch with Dick!

The total walk turned out to be a bit more than 10 miles (I chose a slightly longer way home) and got home by 2:25. I really enjoyed the walk. It's nice enough, with enough things to see along the way (mostly fairly busy streets) and a good amount of shade (it was in the low 80s today). I'll probably try to do this a few more times before my walk in October!

PS: I just realized this is by far, the longest training walk I've ever done on my own. Yay! Not too bad- I was worried I might get really bored by myself, but it was fine. :)

Today's stats

Fitbit stats

Sunday, August 24, 2014

2,000 miles in just over a year

I just got an email from Fitbit letting me know that I've walked over 2,000 miles. I started with my Fitbit on July 27th of last year. 2,000 miles in just over a year. Not bad. :)

Local Politics

Drove past this sign in Bellevue tonight.
Hilarious. :)