Friday, June 30, 2017

Bay Habitat Walk behind Costco

There's a sign on the outside of the Costco in South San Francisco telling about a wildlife habitat walk behind the building. I've seen it for years but never had the time/wherewithal to check it out before/after shopping at Costco.

Today, Dick and I stoped by Costco on our way home from dropping off our RV rental. We had Wallace with us, so one person needed to go in while the other stayed with Wallace. Dick went in, and I decided to take Wallace in a little walk and check out the nature trail.

It was a nice little walk that goes from the back of one side of Costco to the other. We saw several geese, and even saw a skunk!! (We did not continue in the direction of the skunk!)

It was a very nice little walk to be able to do while we waited at Costco. 😊

Home Again

Everyone is happy to be back home. Vacations are exhausting. 😉

On the Road....

Heading back home

What a fun experience this has been!! We woke up early (6:00) this morning to pack up the RV, eat breakfast, clean up and unhook before hitting the road just before 8:00.

Wallace doesn't love the drive in the RV, he was panting for a while when we first took off, but I sat with him to calm him down, and I think the Dramamine kicked in. He's been sleeping for a little while now.

Dick says driving the RV isn't bad. It a little loud and rattle-ly up here in the cockpit, but we're getting used to it.

I hate mosquitoes

Two nights ago, we had a hard time sleeping because we had a couple of mosquitoes in the RV. They kept buzzing around our ears, waking us up, them we'd turn on the lights trying to find them. I found the first one and killed it pretty easily. The second one was smaller and harder to find. We eventually got it, but only after it managed to bite me three times while I was sleeping: on my beck, my forehead and on my cheek under my eye.

I'm very susceptible to mosquito bites, so I had fallen asleep covering my head except for the side of my face (where it bit me).

The bites weren't too swollen yesterday. I figured there wasn't much blood in the areas where it had bit me so maybe my reaction wouldn't be so bad.

Unfortunately, they are more swollen and itchy today. Nice.

...and not so pretty.

I look like I have a goose egg on my forehead and a big swollen red bump under my eye.

Luckily, the only plans I have for the day is the drive home.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Vacationing with MIke & Wendy!!

We have had such a fun time on this trip, much of it is thanks to our friends MIke and Wendy.

MIke and Wendy own their own Airstream and have a large pick up truck to tow it. They travel in it frequently and offered to come and help arrange this trip with us.

I'm so glad they did. We've had a great time together, and their guidance in all things RV-related has been so helpful.

It has also been helpful that they have taken us around in their truck for our day trips, enabling us to keep our RV parked at the campsite.

We've been having lunch together, and making dinners with each other each night. Tonight we had drinks and dinner at their Airstream and played board games after. So much fun.

(The first photo is of us having Gin & Tonics at our place.)

Thanks, MIke & Wendy!! Looking forward to our next adventure together!!

Wallace's favorite spot in the RV

I'm not sure what it's purpose is, but there's a small window on the side of the RV at the foot of the passenger seat of our RV. Wallace found it the first evening that we parked the RV, and it has been his favorite spot ever since. I think he mostly lives it because it is carpeted, and that it is a cozy little spot that he fits in very well. I think he also likes being able to see outside. It's very cute.

A nice walk and lunch

We took a nice little walk today along the beach (no dogs allowed from 10:00-5:00) then found a terrific dog-friendly restaurant for lunch!

The Madonna Inn

We went to take a quick peek inside the famous Madonna Inn today. I know I went here (just to visit) with my parents, but again, it would have been over 35 years ago.

This place is so unique, and is such a throwback to the 1960s, and I just love it. There are 110 guest rooms, all uniquely decorated to specific themes. They sold postcards in the lobby so you could see photos of all the rooms.

The staff was very nice and welcomed Wallace to explore with us.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wallace is having a ball!!

Wallace seems to be enjoying our little vacation so far. We found an empty, grassy softball field nearby and he had a great time running around and playing fetch.

Hearst Castle

We took a tour of Hearst Castle today. The last time I was here was probably about 35 years ago.

Unfortunately, the Neptune Pool was under restoration this year, but it was kind of neat to see it drained as well.

The grounds are beautiful, and the interior was as odd and eclectic as I remembered.

It was a beautiful day with pretty clear views, and warm temps without being hot.

I'm really glad we were able to come!