Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Museum Disaster

This is bad.

It seems as if a security dog that was working at a museum went on a rampage and destroyed many of the dolls on exhibit. (this includes a Teddy Bear once owned by Elvis, valued at $75,000.)

As someone who has loaned an item or two to museums before, I'm appalled that something like this could even happened. I looked at one of the photos of the exhibit (post dog tantrum) and I'm wondering why the items weren't more carefully displayed. Shouldn't they have all been sealed in display cabinets, anyhow?

BAD Dog!
Actually, when you look at the photo, wouldn't you say it looks more like a Toy Store than a museum anyhow? I don't think I would have lent anything valuable to this museum.

My friend, Andrew, is going to be appalled by this. He has currated a few museum shows with his Raggedy Ann collection, and is absolutely meticulous about the display and safety of the items. I can't imagine how upset the owners of those loaned items must be!

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Anonymous said...

My dog recently stole and ate a unopened package of Thomas's English Muffins from our kitchen counter. All of the muffins, plus half the packaging. They were the Cinnimon Raisin flavor. I was peeved! He at my entire week's breakfast! Plus the muffins used to be Elvis's. Ok, no, but basically if you give your dog access and he does something like this then it's your fault. A dog will act like a dog everytime - so don't blame the dog! :-P

You're right, the display should have been protected against accidental damage like this. It's the museaum's fault.