Monday, January 23, 2017

Bath Day: Before & After

It's been three weeks since Wallace last had a bath. He hasn't needed one as much as he normally would because it has been raining so much so he hasn't been able to go to the dog park or Fort Funston as often as usual.

This afternoon, we braved going to the dog park at a time where we hoped to go I between storms. I knew it would be wet there, but we figured he was due for a bath, so we wouldn't worry about him getting dirty.

Good thing we were in that frame of mind! It wasn't too bad when we first arrived, but after we had been there for less than 15 minutes, we got caught in a cloud burst/hail storm! It lasted just a few minutes, and luckily, the dog park has a couple of pop up covers that we could stand underneath. I figured we'd go home after that, but Wallace wasn't ready yet. Apparently, he had lots of energy that he really needed to run out!

We stayed for another hour or so, and Wallace met a 6-month old puppy that wanted to play. He ran around a lot, running through all the puddles.

Needless uk say, a bath was in order immediately when we came home. He looks so much better now!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Wallace visits the SF SPCA

Dick and I needed to go to the SPCA to pick up more prescription food for Olive. We usually like to take Wallace with us when we go to the SPCA because he enjoys visiting the people there who helped us adopt him last year.

We were very lucky today! Several people were working today who either directly helped with Wallace while he was there, or who at least remember him. We were very happy to see Dirk, the volunteer coordinator, who had taken care of Wallce in his office for a few days when Wallace was first brought in. Dirk had told us before that Wallace was very sad when he first arrived, and that Dirk spent a lot of time with him trying to regain his will to live. :( We have seen Dirk at our local dog park a couple of times in the last few months (lucky for us, he recognized Wallace by name!) and Wallace is always happy to see him.

We saw at least 6 other employees/volunteers who when re-introduced to Wallace, remembered him from his time at the SPCA before we adopted him. All of them had a similar reaction: they were so happy to see him so healthy and happy, and also were surprised by how much he had grown since May.

It was such a nice visit! Wallace felt like a superstar, and loved all of the attention. It was also really nice for Dick and I to see how many people at the SPCA remember him from last Spring. Dirk told us that Wallace is a special dog, and one that many of the staff would remember. :)

PS: I also found out that Dirk reads my blog to see updates on Wallace! "Hi, Dirk!" :)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

National Women's March in Oakland

I'm so glad I was able to participate in the National Women's March in Oakland with my Sis and Graham this morning. It was an uplifting, inspiring and peaceful experience of unity, love and hope. Happy to have played a very small part of ALL of the marches happening around the world today. Love will always trump hate. ❤️

Friday, January 20, 2017

Tea Time!!

Spent the afternoon in the most civilized way, considering that today was the inauguration of He Who Shall Not Be Named.

Had the most lovely tea party (the good kind!) at Andy and Barry's, while Laurie knitted her Pussy Hat for the Women's March tomorrow, and the dogs played.

Painting again: Starting "Smalls"

How I distracted myself this morning: back to painting!! It has been too long, and was a perfect day to immerse myself back in art. I didn't get to the actual painting part, but I did prep the canvas and drew out the composition. It's all ready to add oil paint next week.

I'm basing this painting off of several photos that I've taken at "Smalls", our favorite jazz club in NYC.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Wallace & Kayak at Crissy Field

Wallace and I had a fun afternoon at Crissy Field with Mike and Kayak today. It was only the second time that Wallace has been. I've been a little concerned about bringing him again since the last time he went he went immediately into the Bay (and loved it).

I realized that it's an incredibly special place and that it would be very good to bring him back and see how would do with all the training we've been working on.

Wallace did great! He did go into the water, but just barely, and I (as predicted) only because he was playing with a couple of other dogs who chased a stick into the water. Wallace didn't go very far in (legs and his tummy got wet) and he came out as soon as I called him. Good boy, Wallace!!

It was really nice going with Mike and Kayak. They've been to Crissy Field beach together more than Wallace and I have, so they were a little more familiar with where we should go.

Kayak and Wallace have really learned to play well with each other and get along very well. They aren't BFFs, but they seem to enjoy getting together.

Slo-mo Video of Wallace & Kayak at the beach!

This may be one of my most favorite videos of Wallace.

We had a fun day at Crissy Field with Mike and Kayak today. It was our first play date with them in the new year!

Mike had the great idea of having me film this video in slow motion. He was also the one who suggested that he'd throw the stick towards me so that the dogs would run towards me rather than away from me I think it turned out great!

Wallace in Mom & Dad's backyard

Wallace is a Zen Doodle, and does a pretty good fountain impersonation in my parent's backyard!

Monday, January 16, 2017

More photos from the SF Doodle Romp

Just saw these two photos posted on the group page for the SF Doodle Romp that we went to Saturday. The grass was so wet from all the rain. The photo if the three doodles shows how wet they were. The individual photo of Wallace was taken within 10 minutes of us getting there.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Our first SF Doodle Romp!

We had such a great time at our first SF Doodle Romp at Crissy Field this morning. So many doodles (I'd estimate 30-40). Wallace had so much fun meeting (and running with) new friends.