Monday, November 20, 2017

My West Coast Curse is reversed!


"A family divided...."

 My Uncle and Cousins are Stanford Alumni.

Thanks for helping us get tickets for the game, Kenneth and Angela!!

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Go Heels!!

GO Heels!!

Full disclosure: If UNC loses against Stanford tonight, Dick's family will blame me for all UNC losses for at least the next 10 years.

I have a bad track record of watching their games on the West Coast:

Dec 1998 (on one of our first dates) UNC list to Cal.

Dec 2004 UNC loses to Santa Clara

Both were complete upsets.

I was banned from watching any UNC games (even on TV) until after they won the Championships in 2005.

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Current snuggle status


Sunday, November 19, 2017

An evening with Jill & Tom

Wallace and I joined Blane for an eve Ing at Jill and Tom's house last night. Jill and Tom are Blane's very close friends who have two dogs of their own, and who have fostered 98 dogs over the past several years. Dock and I had gone to their place the weekend before we adopted Wallace to ask them all kinds of questions about owning a dog. Dick and I have always said that Blane, Jill and Tom were huge influences on our decision to adopt Wallace.

Wallace got along very well with Jill & Tom's dog's, Tosh and Jessie. They were very welcoming to him and shared all of their fun toys.

We had a wonderful evening, and are looking forward to seeing them all again soon!!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Back at the park

Wallace and I were back at our favorite dog park this morning. It was a beautiful and sunny day for this happy little guy.

Hi, Grandpa

Tomorrow will mark eight years since my Grandpa Chow passed away. I drove by the cemetery to visit him today. ❤️

We miss you, Grandpa.

Happy First Anniversary, Olive!!

Today is Olive's first anniversary!! One year ago today, Dick and I went to the SF SPCA to look at a few adult kitties. We weren't planning to fall in love with a 3-1/2 month old kitten and bring her home that very day.

Olive is a super sweet kitty who loves to purr, pounce and snuggle. She also loves her big brother, Wallace. We're so glad that she is part of our little family.

Happy Anniversary, Olive! ❤️😺❤️

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Our day at Universal Studios Hollywood

We had a great day at Universal Studios!! I hadn't been to this location in about 20 years, and Dick had never been at all.

We splurged for the "front of the line" passes, which was pretty amazing. It actually wasn't very crowded at all today, but it was so nice to not have to stand in line at all.

So many new attractions since I last came. Highlights were: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the Simpsonsland, new attractions on the tram ride, Jurassic Park, and The Walking Dead.

The park was only open from 10:00-5:00, which was enough time for us to do and see everything that we wanted to do. We did a few rides twice (actually, we rode the Flight of the Hippogriff three times!).

After the park closed, we met my friend, Matt, for dinner at City Walk. Matt is an old color guard friend of mine who has been working at Universal Studios for over 10 years. It was wonderful to see him!