Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Off to Vegas!!

We're off to Vegas for a few days!!
Bonus: Unexpected upgrade!! Nice way to start the trip.

We feel really bad for leaving Wallace this early on, but we're so grateful that his Uncle Richard offered to stay at our house to take care of him and Noe. Thank you Richard!!

I am also grateful for the Wallace-Cam! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wallace's Second Bath

Wallace had his second bath today, and this time seemed perfectly comfortable with the whole procedure. No shivering at all this time! We're amazed at how well he's been adjusting to each of these experiences!

Wallace's First Walk!!

Wallace went on his first walk through Noe Valley today!! We tried taking him out a couple of times last week, but he was pretty timid and didn't want to cross the street and intersections. We didn't want to rush things on his first week, so we had only gotten as far as two blocks, going around a corner, and never crossing streets.

This morning, we went to the pet store again, which he loved. He enjoyed it so much that we thought we'd try a walk around the neighborhood once we got home. He did GREAT!! For whatever reason, he's no longer nervous at intersections, and crossed the streets just fine. We walked about six blocks to a nearby park where we hung out for a bit. He had a chance to be around a lot of people, children, and other dogs, and did just fine. After, we walked a couple blocks of 24th Street, where there are many stores, restaurants, people, strollers, dogs, etc. We walked around that area, then back home with no problems. Yay, Wallace!

This makes us very happy! After we realized how timid he had been about walking outside a few days ago, we figured it may take a few weeks of short outings before he'd be comfortable with a full walk like this. Now, we're excited to explore more areas with him!

Monday, May 23, 2016

"Speakeasy" Painting!!

Yay! I had a painting session with Dean today for the first time since early February.

Today, I worked first on the bartender. The bartender in the original photo was mostly blocked from view and not adding any interest to the painting. The next bartender I had painted was from a photo that I had taken at another speakeasy. He was standing straight up and looked very stiff in my painting. Dean found a photo of another painting he had done with a server that we decided to model my new bartender off of. I really like that he is in more of an action pose, and that he is wearing more traditional bistro/bartender clothing.

Next, I worked on the light reflection in to bottom right corner of the painting, brightening it up from what it had been before.

I also added all of the liquor bottles on the shelf under the large windows. I tried to make them loose without too much detail.

Finally, and probably what I'm most proud of, I added three faces! The bartender, and the two patrons towards the back of the painting. I think I finally managed to get just the right amount of detail without distracting from the rest of the painting. Yay

I'm not sure yet, but I think I may have completed the painting today. I'm going to look at it with fresh eyes at my next session and decide. There may be tiny additions to make, or I may decide that it is done.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Wallace meets the Family!!

Wallace met the Chow Family today!!

My parents, my sister and her husband all came over for lunch and a visit this afternoon! Wallace was a little overwhelmed at first (that's a lot of Chow!) but he soon relaxed. He quickly came to realize that they were all very nice, and that they all held out treats for him! :)

He was a little shy when we all went out to play, but he enjoyed their company and loved meeting them.

I was especially happy that my sister showed no allergic reaction to him at all (Poodles are hypoallergenic). He is the first pet I have ever had (including many rats and cats) that she was able to pet and play with without sneezing, or breaking out. How wonderful! She spent a lot of time petting and rubbing Wallace, and he clearly adored her.

Oddly, I didn't take any photos (what?!). Luckily, my Mom and Graham both took some nice shots. Wallace had some paparazzi (Puparazzi?)

Here are some photos that Graham and my Mom shared with me. I'm so glad my family was able to come to meet Wallace today. He was so happy to meet you all!!

Today's Walk

I went on a really nice 8-ish mile walk this morning with some of my friends from the Immediate Impact Walk. It was a cooler morning, with overcast skies and even a few sprinkles, but it cleared up by the time we hit our halfway point at the Ferry Building.

It always fills my soul to spend time with these lovely souls.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Gift Basket for Wallace

Oh, my goodness.

Our friends spoil us!

Lizelle and Saki brought Wallace an adorable (and personalized!) basket full of all kinds of doggie goodies! We are overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness and generosity. Lizelle said they wanted to make sure that we had all the necessities.

Dick and I couldn't believe how many wonderful things were in the basket. Everything from treats, to toys, scarves, a baby blanket, a portable bowl, and even a photo frame to put Wallace's picture in!

Thank you SO much, Saki and Lizelle! We love the gift basket, and look forward to using everything in it!!

Wallace and Saki's First Play Date!!

Wallace loves Saki!!

Wallace had his first play date with Saki this morning, and boy did they have a great time!! Saki is Lizelle's 10-month old Shiba Inu. She's just a little bigger than Wallace (she's 19lbs and he's about 14) and just two months younger, so it seems they are a perfect fit!

Wallace was a little uncertain when Saki and Lizelle first came over. It's the first time we've had another dog in the house since Wallace has established it as his territory. He was definitely a little uneasy at first, and there were a few low growls. We kept them both on leash until we were out in the backyard. By Lizelle's suggestion, we took Wallace's leash off first so he would feel more comfortable without being restrained. After that, he was able to relax more and they started to play. Once Wallace was comfortable, Lizelle took off Saki's leash, and they were fast friends.

They played so well together. Lizelle and Saki travel a lot together, so Saki is constantly meeting new dogs in playgroups, and is very sociable. She was really good about getting Wallace to play, and played well with him. They chased each other around a lot, and also played with the ball. Saki runs and turns really fast, but she adjusted her speed so that Wallace could keep up. They played for over an hour and 45 minutes, pretty much non-stop. Wallace is going to sleep well tonight!

Thank you to Saki and Lizelle for driving all the way to San Francisco for our play date! We are hoping to make a routine of it, and can't wait to get these two pups together again.

Of course, I took a ton of photos, but managed to edit them down to these shots.

fast friends!

they are already BFFs

sharing a water dish

Lizelle and Dick hanging out with the dogs

Happy Dogs!

action shot

Dick is so good with the doggies

glamour shot

Friday, May 20, 2016

Wallace's First Bath (with us)

Our little dog is a trooper! We just gave him his first bath. We were planning to wait for a bit and let him settle in, but the vet told us yesterday that he has a mild skin condition that she prescribed a shampoo for. She told us to bathe him twice a week for two weeks once every couple of weeks after that (or whenever he needs it).

The guy at the pharmacy made the great suggestion that we could bathe him in our kitchen sink, versus a bathtub. We have a nice, deep, kitchen sink, and he fit in nicely. It also helps that we are able to stand up to bathe him, versus kneeling down at a bathtub. Yay.

Wallace did really well during the bath. I think we were all a little nervous. He was shaking a bit, and we don't know if that was because he was nervous or cold. He may have been a bit nervous, but I wouldn't say her was scared, so that's good.

He also did well when we towel-dried him, and didn't seem fussed at all at that point.

He's all nice and soft now, and even a little more fluffy.

Good job, Wallace! :)

Wallace's SF SPCA Photos

I didn't post these before, so I'll just put them here.

These were the photos SF SPCA had on Wallace's profile page.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wallace's First Vet Visit and Outing!

Today was a very exciting day for Wallace! (Heck, it's been an exciting week/month for Wallace.)

This morning, he had his first introduction to Noe, he met his new Uncle Blane, then we went for a car ride for his first vet visit since being adopted, and we went to the pet store for the first time!

When you adopt an animal from the SF SPCA, they offer a free "Wellness Exam" with most Veterinarians within the first two weeks of adoption. We decided to go to the SPCA's Veterinarian Hospital - it's a beautiful new facility, they have a good reputation, Wallace's records are already there, and it's fairly convenient for us.

It was the fist day that Wallace has left our house since we brought him home three days ago. We weren't sure how he was going to be in the car (he was a little nervous and panting when we drove him home Monday), or at the Vet surrounded by people and other animals.

It turns out, Wallace is a Super Star! (I should mention here that this is the first time we've had a dog, and we've only ever brought cats, birds and rats to the vet before. Noe and our old kitties (but especially Noe) all hated the Vet).

Wallace loved it! He happily walked in from the parking area, was super friendly to everyone who came to meet him, stayed with us very well, sat with us as we waited for our appointment, and even met a few dogs. We were amazed.

His check up went very well. We got a prescription antibacterial shampoo to bathe him with twice for the first two weeks (he has some skin irritations). We'll probably bathe him tomorrow, so that'll be a whole other post.

He did so well with the people and the animals at the Vet that we decided to bring him to our local Pet Store (Pet Food Express). We had been in there are couple of days ago to get him supplies, but I still needed to get an engraved name tag for him. Again, he was a champ! He walked in happily, was great with everyone who came up to him, and again, met another couple of dogs.

On top of it all, he seemed to enjoy the car ride. This makes us happy, as we are hoping to take him on several outings eventually.

By the time we got home, he was exhausted. He walked right to his bed and fell asleep. Poor little guy. We're wearing him out.

BTW: I realize that this is probably all pretty typical dog stuff, but Dick and I are both really amazed. We're so accustomed to having a pet who has a really difficult time at the vet (Noe) and we've never been able to drive a pet in a car without them being in a carrier or cage, and we've certainly never brought a pet into a store before! It's a whole new world!

waiting patiently for our appointment

getting checked out by Dr. Young

walking around Pet Food Express, he helped me pick out a toy

car ride!

back home and exhausted

Noe & Wallace's first Introduction

Well, that went pretty well.

We've been keeping Noe upstairs in our Master Bedroom. We've been coming up to hang out with her immediately after playing with Wallace (without washing our hands or changing clothes) and she hasn't had any reaction to his scent on us.

We just introduced them for the first time, and I think it went as well as it possibly could.

We put Noe's Thundershirt on, then Dick carried her downstairs. I stood near Wallace (who was inside his locked crate, which was inside is playpen) and Dick put Noe down on the sofa.

Noe wasn't too freaked (or, not as freaked as she could have been). She saw him and walked across the sofa near me and stared at him. He definitely saw her, too. We had just played with Wallace outside, so he was pretty tired and calm.

They just looked at each other for a minute or so. She started growling just a little, but not much, and no hissing.

He didn't perk up much, but after she hopped down from the sofa and walked away, he growled (soft growl) for just a bit.

After Noe jumped down and walked a bit, Dick picked her back up and we all went back to the bedroom. We took off the Thundershirt, and she seems just fine.

For the first-time introduction, I'm calling it a success. We'll try to do this once a day for the next few days and see how it goes.