Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Highlights from our first day out in the boat!!

This morning, we finished yo some last-minute chores at the marina before heading out. Ann and I went to the grocery store to stock up on the rest of the provisions that weren't delivered yesterday afternoon.

Tom, Ben and Dick got final instructions on the boat. We had an instructor from the club that Tom chartered the boat from for the first couple of hours to make sure that our crew was capable and comfortable.

We went from Tortola to Peter Island, then to Norman Island where we anchored at The Bight.

It was a beautiful day (if not a bit hot and humid). We sailed for about four hours today.

Tom is a terrific Skipper, with Ben and Dick as crew. Dick leaned a new technique today called "Flamboyant Cowboy".

Dick and Tom cooled off by taking Caribbean Showers. Ben and Megan made a delicious ground pork and chorizo taco dinner for the eight of us.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Meanwhile, back at home....

Olive and our home are both in good hands. ❤️

Home for the next eight days

Greetings from the Full Moon II. Home for the next eight days. We are waiting for the rest of our crew to arrive. There will be 8 of us in total.

We have WiFi in the boat, but I'm not sure how the reception will be once we set sail. We'll be staying at the marina tonight, and will head out in the morning.

We are in the British Virgin Islands!!

We took a ferry from St Thomas to Tortola. We are officially in the BVIs now.

Good Morning from Saint Thomas!!

We had a small breakfast on the patio at our B&B before walking down to the Marine Terminal to catch the ferry to the Tortola, BVI.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Greetings from Saint Thomas

Hello from the Virgin Islands!! We arrived early this afternoon after flying from SFO to JFK, with a short layover before flying to Saint Thomas.

We checked into our cute little B&B and took a much needed nap before heading into town for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow we'll check out in the morning, then take a ferry to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Vacation Weather Forecast

Pretty amazing forecast!!

Bon Voyage!!!


We've boarded on a red-eye flight to JFK, on our way to St Thomas, and eventually to the British Virgin Islands!!!

We're flying Delta for the first time in a while, and so far, pretty impressed!! The Delta Lounge at SFO is really nice!

Good night, and see you in the morning!

PS: many thanks to Lisa and Blane, who will be taking care of Olive and our home while we are away.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Wallace is on Vacation!!

Wallace is on vacation at my parent's house (thanks, Mom & Dad!) while Dick and I are away on our own vacation.

I think it's going to go well, and I hope they have a lot of fun together. Wallace loves to visit, and has spent the night with them a few times.

To make matters even more interesting, my Sister and her husband are going away on vacation at the same time, so my parents will be watching their bird, Bonsai, as well!!

Plus, my parents have their own kitty, Nikolas.

It's a full house!!

Thank you, Mom and Dad!!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Testing out the new GoPro Camera and App

Dick and I got a new GoPro camera recently and finally got around to testing out the camera and the video editing app.

Here's a fun little movie that Dick put together.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wallace's Special Birthday Surprise

Today was Wallace's special  birthday surprise!!! Yesterday was his one-year adoption anniversary from the SF SPCA, and today we went to go visit the staff and volunteers to thank them for all they did for him last year!!! This picture has Dirk on the left, who is the volunteer coordinator. He took Wallace under his wings when he first came in and kept me him in his office with him for several days because Wallace was so sad and traumatized. The woman in between me and Dick is Christine. She came to visit Wallace after her shifts each day and sat with him and brushed him. She also did all the computer and paperwork with us when they we adopted him and even gave us her brush that she had been brushing Wallace with. We've been back to visit a few times since Wallace was adopted, but today was extra special!! We saw so many staff and volunteers who still remembered him from a year ago. They also all wore party hats in celebration of his Birthday/Anniversary, and gave him lots and lots of treats, pets and hugs.

Thank you again to everyone at the SF SPCA who were so kind to Wallace last year. We have been told that he was the most sad animal to ever go through their shelter, but he's so happy now, and they consider him to be a great success story!! ❤️

More progress on the Wallace Painting

I had another painting session today and worked on the enormous Wallace Head painting. Wallace came again, and was a perfect muse for me to see the color of his fur. :)

It's coming along, but looking at the photos, I notice a couple of things:

- The painting looks better in person. The colors are darker in the photo.

- I need to make his eyes and nose larger.

Still have to work on his bandana but started to change the color today.