Saturday, October 18, 2014

50th Anniversary of UNC's Dept of Computer Science

Aside from seeing family, one of the reasons why we are in Chapel Hill this weekend was to attend an event at Dick's Alma Mater. UNC Chapel Hill's Department of Computer Sciences is having it's kick-off event for its 50th Anniversary. We attended events all day, and Dick was able to connect with some old colleagues professors and friends. We had a very nice time, and hope to return in early May for the 50th Anniversary Gala Event.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Back in the Tar Heel State

This plate of cookies was at the reception desk when we checked into our hotel.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The 2014 Immediate Impact Walk Route around San Francisco

Here's what 55 miles and 4,669 feet of elevation gain looks like! :)

glassybaby love for the Immediate Impact Walk

glassybaby posted this on their Facebook page today. Thank you, glassybaby!!

The 2014 Immediate Impact Walk Surpasses Fundraising Goal!!!

It's been a busy few days, so I'm a little late in posting this very exciting news:

On Tuesday morning, within 48 hours of the completion of our event, the Immediate Impact Walk surpassed our $150,000 fundraising goal!!

Here is a screenshot I just took from

THANK YOU to all of our donors, sponsors and giving partners! YOU helped us achieve this amazing accomplishment!!

The event is still accepting donations until November 10th, 30 days after the event. I'll send out an update after that date to let you all know what the final amount raised will be!!

we are possibilitarians!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Feeling Special

I woke up to this really sweet post from my friend, Freddie, this morning. I'm not sure what had inspired him to post it, but it made my day. Thanks, Freddie!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Fitbit

It was a good week for my Fitbit. I'm posting it here because I'm guessing it might be a personal best.

More progress on my Twin Peaks Cavern Painting

I managed to squeeze in another painting session with Dean today before I go back to Seattle tomorrow. It was great to have a chance to work on my Twin Peaks Cavern painting twice while I was here on this visit.

Progress was made, and it's starting to take shape. I did a lot of work on the highlight colors - adding dimension to the piece. I did a lot of work on the guy at the cash register behind the bar. He was disappearing before as his colors blended in too much with the background. He's much more noticeable now. I also added more color and lights and darks to the floor. I started working a little more on the items in and around the bar, which is starting to add more life to the bar scene. :)

Deans thinks I'll be finished within one more session. I'm not sure when that will be, as I don't have any more scheduled trips to San Francisco yet. Looking forward to finishing this one up!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dick's Doppelgänger

We ran into Dick's Doppelgänger at dinner tonight. He sat down at the table next to is. Both my Dad and my Gay Boyfriend had to do a double take when he walked into the room. :)

Day 3 of the Immediate Impact Walk

Sunday's Route

It was a beautiful, hot, fun-filled, tearful, inspiring, emotional, exhausting day!

On day three of the 2014 Immediate Impact Walk, we finished another 15 miles, totaling 55 for the weekend. By the end of the event, we had raised over $146,000, with more money coming in even after the event.

As always, at the end of the event, I'm pretty exhausted, and pretty much at a loss of words. These women (and even a few men!) make up this event are just incredible in so many ways. Spending three days with these incredible people really makes you believe that anything is possible. I feel so very fortunate to be a part of it all.

Once again, we met at 6:30, and were on the road by 7:00 as the sun was rising. It was warm from the beginning of the day, and ended up in the 80s by the afternoon. We managed to stay in the shade for most of the route, and that helped a lot.

This weekend is Fleet Week in San Francisco! What does that mean? Lots of sailors, boats, planes, the Blue Angels, traffic and crowds!! We managed to avoid a lot of it, and even had an amazing view of the Blue Angels flying above during our closing ceremonies.

We'll continue to fundraise for 30 days after the end of the event. We are so close to meeting our $150,000 goal. I can't wait to see how this all ends!

Thank you to the amazing people who work so hard to run and organize this event (all volunteer). Thank you to the crew (all volunteer) who worked so hard to keep us healthy, hydrated, fed, and safe. Thank you to my fellow walkers for keeping me company over 55 miles. Thank you to my Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother-in-Law who came out to cheer us on at the finish line! Thank you to all of our generous donors who make this all possible.

Day Three Walkers and Crew ready to hit the road!

Amazing Sunrise by AT&T Park

Sunrise over Mission Bay

Walking along the Embarcadero

The Bay Bridge next to a huge ship

Posing with some sailors here for Fleet Week!

the beautiful Bay Bridge

Coit Tower in the distance

Thank you to all my generous donors!

I love this photo. (I took it, so I'm not in there!)

Tamara and Joe - our Moto Safety Crew. We love you!

Probably the longest continuous stretch of UP today was on California Street starting in Chinatown...

...and continuing in Nob Hill

Carol and I met each other over 23 years ago in color guard. Thank you to all of our pageantry friends who have supported us and our event!

We walked past the glassybaby store in San Francisco!

Thank you, glassybaby!

Linda gives some instructions after we finish lunch - on our final leg of the walk!

More stairs...

and more stairs

With our sweep van and staff at the top!

feeling mighty!

a beautiful group shot of all of the walkers at towards the end of Day 3

we are so lucky that we get to walk around this gorgeous City. There are always amazing sights to be seen!

another shot of the Golden Gate Bridge

we gathered just a few yards away from the finish line to wait for the entire group

Hot San Francisco Indian Summer Day

Walking to the finish!

The Blue Angels perform

My Sis and Graham - they've been married for one week!

So happy to be with my Dad, Mom, Sis and Brother-in-Law!

Linda, taking a moment to write out checks for our beneficiaries!

Linda speaks during closing ceremonies

Judy with her adorable granddaughter!

closing ceremonies

our survivor circle - I get emotional every time

Susan was raised the most money of the crew, and I raised the most money of the walkers. We were presented with cute sashes and some bling!

close-up of my bling

our fundraising total, as of 10:30pm, 10/12/14