Saturday, October 31, 2015

Photos from Eric and Sam's Halloween Party

We had an amazing time at Eric and Sam's Halloween Party last night in Seattle. It was the first time that Dick and I had ever gone to a Halloween Party that we didn't host! It was a TON of fun. Eric and Sam created a Steam Punk theme and a lot of people dressed accordingly. So many amazing costumes, and their house was incredible as well. Thanks so much for having us, Eric and Sam!!

Paula, Reeves and Gina all met at our place so we could drive together. Put put on the final touches of our costumes and took photos before we drove to the party.

Happy Halloween 2015!!!

Happy Halloween from Wyldstyle and her Boyfriend, Batman! (From the "Lego Movie".)

"Everything is Awesome!!!"

More photos coming from the incredible Halloween Party we went to last night.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Southern Cooking Week Continues....

I've got a big batch of Chicken and Dumplings simmering... Mmmmmm..!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tiger Tunnel at the Cougar Mountain Zoo

I bought a "Amazon Local" deal a couple of months ago, and we were able to use it today.

It was for the "Tiger Tunnel" Experience at the Cougar Mountain Zoo.

From their website:
Experience the World of Tigers under the guidance of one of the Zoo’s Tiger Keepers. Start with an informative mini lecture all about Tigers. Enter one of the top world class Tiger Habitats in the Country. Start your journey by entering a glass walled tunnel, where in a protective environment through 7/8 inch laminated safety glass walls, you can observe the Zoo’s famous rare Tigers socializing and displaying natural behavior.

It was pretty neat! They rotate each day between two sets of tigers who are either in the outdoor area, or this indoor area. The two tigers we saw today are about 8 years old, and were baby cubs from another zoo when they were brought to Tiger Mountain Zoo.

Apparently, they were more active for us today than for other private tours. The zoo keepers gave them each a large feather (from the emus, I think) to play with. Our tour lasted about 20 minutes. It was neat to have a private viewing of these two big guys in their indoor habitat. They are so much bigger up close than you may realize!

Cougar Mountain Zoo

We went on an outing to the Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah.

From their website:
Established in 1972 the primary focus of the Cougar Mountain Zoo is on endangered species and education. Many of the Zoo animals have been born or raised at the Zoo and have developed a self assured attitude toward humans, enabling visitors to take a deep glimpse into the beauty and mysteries of other life forms.

It's a neat little zoo. It's pretty small, but it has a nice selection of animals, all of whom seemed very well cared for and happy. We saw cougars, tigers, lemur, cranes, reindeer (!), macaws, wallabies, emu, and alpaca.

They also had a large bronze animal sculpture collection. They were all beautiful, and very nice, but kind of gave me the creeps. It's as if the White Witch from Narnia went in and turned all the animals into statues!

Anyway, a nice little zoo. It was pretty quiet when we went today, and would probably be great for little kids.