Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday's 12-mile "Butt Burner" Training Walk

Sunday Morning's Route

This morning, we met at 7:00am at the Transit Cafe in the Presidio. It was again foggy and chilly, but we were up for another 12 miles! The route we did today is one that we affectionately call the "Butt Burner". We walk the length of Divisadero Street all the way across the city until it becomes Castro Street, then go to 24th Street in Noe Valley. We usually walk second half of the walk in reverse, but mixed it up a little bit today. Instead, we walked over to Dolores Street, to Duboce, to Hayes, and back to Divisadero.

We had a "field trip" today to one of the beneficiaries of the Immediate Impact Walk! We stopped at UCSF Mt. Zion and went to a visit to the "Friend to Friend" store. We talked with Chris and Margo who told us more about the amazing work you do every day helping people get fitted for bras, wigs, prosthesis who could not otherwise afford these items. Such an amazing place, and we were so happy that they were able to have us come visit!

It's the Green & Grey Girls!!

A banana slug parade in the presidio

Happy, warm tree with it's knitted sweater

One of the many hills on Divisadero Street that we conquered today

The fanciest porta-potty I've ever seen!

The front of the Friend to Friend Store

Chris, from "Friend to Friend" showing us a selection of the prosthesis, bras and other specialty items at their store

some of the wigs and comfortable attire

Chris, showing some of the bras (which can be fitted with prosthesis) at their store

more easy-to-wear and comfortable attire for cancer patients at Friend to Friend

a selection of books at their store - many are Cancer-related

The Event Board at Friend to Friend, with our flyer for the Immediate Impact Breast Cancer Walk

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