Saturday, July 13, 2013

Glassybaby Roadshow Fundraiser for the Immediate Impact Walk

Today was the big glassybaby fundraising event for the Immediate Impact Breast Cancer Walk. Thank you, thank you, to all who came! It was a great SUCCESS!! We raised over $800 today for the 2013 Immediate Impact Breast Cancer Walk!!!

Special thanks to Linda, Sandy, Marcia and Hillary for their enormous help. We couldn't have done it without you. xo

I'm not sure how many people we had come through the event today, but crowd was pretty consistent for the first 3-1/2 hours. The location, The Presidio Landmark, was beautiful, and such a great location and venue for our roadshow. My thanks to the wonderful staff (especially Nani and Charlie!) who were so helpful and gracious! They even provided us with free coffee and tea for our guests!

We had many happy people leave with bags full of beautiful glassybaby. Glassybaby had brought more than 400 individual glassybaby to select from. It was hard to choose!

If you were unable to make the party, or didn't find the exact color you wanted, you can shop online at and 10% of your total order will go to our fundraising. Simply enter the promo code "impact" at checkout. The code is good through July 28th. Online shipping is FREE!!

My thanks again to glassybaby and to Brittany, Tracy and Kristine for providing us with another successful roadshow and fundraising event!

My MINI was loaded up with 21 boxes of glassybaby!
The glassybaby had been shipped to my house last week, and we drove it over to the Landmark for our event Saturday morning. Go, MINI, GO!

setting up the glassybaby at the Landmark's Private Dining Room

Pretty glassybaby drinkers

a table full of glassybaby

lighting some of the glassybaby

Tracy, Brittany and Kristine from glassybaby

Linda, picking out her perfect glassybaby

first shoppers coming in

display of drinkers along with signs for the Immediate Impact Walk

shopping, shopping...

...and more shopping...

Immediate Impact Walkers and supporters!

what was left towards the end of the day

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