Monday, September 10, 2012

Walking the Freedom Trail in Boston

Dick and I spent the day walking around Boston, following The Freedom Trail! I had never done it before, and Dick may have walked it when he was very young, so it had been a long time.

We both really enjoyed it! It was a GREAT way to see Boston, and all of the historical sites were so interesting. There is (obviously) so much more history in Boston than there is anywhere else in our country. I loved that we just kept following 'the red line" for several hours. I think every City should have a red line to follow for a historic walk around the city! :)

We did most of the walk today, and will do a little bit (the Charlestown section). The weather was really nice and cool today (high 60s) so it felt great to be outside, walking around all day.

Follow the Red Line for the Freedom Trail!

The Massachusetts State House

The Old State House and site of the Boston Massacre

Dick, following the red line

The North Church

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