Sunday, July 08, 2012

We're Jammin'!!

...and I hope you like jammin', too!

My wonderful and talented friend, Linda, came over this evening to teach me how to make jam out of the 20lbs. of cherry plums that we picked off the tree in our backyard!

For the record: 20lbs of cherry plums yields 22-1/2 12oz. jars of Jam! Amazing!! (and that was only off the one tree! We'll be picking the other tree next weekend!)

What a fascinating process it all was. I am very grateful to Linda for coming over and sharing her expertise! (plus, it was just a ton of fun!)

Of course, I tried to document the whole process:

We had two large stock pots going at the same time.

boiling plums with a little bit of water

both pots - after the pits were sifted out

adding the sugar and pectin

sterilizing the jars in the dishwasher

pouring the jam into the jars

putting on the lids

This is the extra-cool step:
sealing the jars of jam in the dishwasher! SO awesome!!!

Thank you, Linda, for the wonderfully fun evening! I loved making jam with you!
We'll have to schedule another date for the second harvest! :)

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