Monday, July 23, 2012


You may recall "Plumpocalypse" Thursday, in which my parents, Dick and I harvested 70 lbs of cherry plums from one of our plum trees in our backyard.

I sent my parents home with a 20lbs bag, and gave another 5 lbs of plums to my friend, Buffie, on Friday.

That left us with 45 pounds of fresh plums.

Which brings us to "Jammapalooza Sunday"!

The lovely Linda came over again yesterday afternoon, and we spent the rest of the day/night making more Plum Jam!

Here are the stats:

45 lbs of fresh cherry plums
which equals about 46 cups of fruit (once it is boiled down, and the pits taken out)
12 lbs of sugar (which is about 1/2 the amount called for by the recipe)
3.5 packages of Pectin (we were a little low on Pectin, so the final jam is not quite as gelatinous as our last batch)

all of these ingredients resulted in:

32 12oz jars
14 8oz jars

Oh, my!!

Thank you, Linda, for coming over again and helping me make all this jam!! Your expertise turned an otherwise intimidating situation into a very fun and productive evening!

Also, thank you to my Hubby for making drinks, and to our Gay Boyfriend for cooking a delicious dinner for us!

here's some photos of the process:

45 lbs of plums in the pot

the fruit is being cooked down

the fruit have been boiled down and strained

12 POUNDS of sugar!! Oh, my!

Adding the sugar and pectin

the jars have been filled and ready to seal

46 jars of jam in the dishwasher to be sealed! (there were more on the bottom rack, not pictured

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