Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday's 12-mile training walk

Today's route

It was another great training walk with the Warming Hut Hotties! The beginning was a bit of a tour of San Francisco Landmarks, as we walked down Lombard Street, up to Coit Tower, then over to the Ferry Building.

After we walked down the length of Howard Street, we stopped for a break at the offices of one of the beneficiaries of the Immediate Impact Walk, the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund (BCEF). This was truly the highlight for me, and I believe, many of our teammates. The staff greeted us with treats, and spoke with us about the organization and the services that they provide.

The Breast Cancer Emergency Fund serves 450 low-income people each year with IMMEDIATE emergency financial assistance for things like essential utilities, housing expenses (rent, mortgage), groceries and uninsured medical expenses. BCEF's goal is to lessen financial burdens and improve quality of life while living with breast cancer for their clients.

The organization and the people who are running it are truly an inspiration. It is a privilege to raise funds for such an amazing cause.

After our field trip to the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund, we continued our walk on Hayes Street, then Masonic, then through the Presidio, back to our cars.

here are some photos from the day:

coming down the stairs on the crooked block of Lombard Street

the view from Coit Tower

walking down the Filbert Steps

the building on Harrison Street with the furniture coming out of the windows

The offices of the AIDS Emergency Fund and the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund

A great offering of snacks and information!

Two of the directors of the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund speak to our group about their organization

taking a break, and learning about the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund

Thank you! We love you, too!

Today's stats

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