Friday, September 28, 2007

Shout Out to my new friend, Kelly!

Over the years that I've been blogging, I often wondered, "Who's reading this?" I mean, I know certain friends and family read it regularly, but other than that.... who knows? The internet is one big, wide open door.

Yesterday, I received one of my most favorite blog-related emails ever. It made me laugh, and smile the entire day!

It was from a woman named Kelly, who apparently went to school with Dick (she was one grade younger than him).

Anyhow, her email opened with: I have never written an email like this, so bear with me. I went to school with Dick and Kathy Craddock.

This, of course, had my curiosity peaked.

But, it was the next couple of sentences that really got me:

Recently, our high school had a class of the 80's reunion. One of my classmates wrote me an email and said, " check out Dick Craddock's wife's blog; they sound like a fun couple!"

I LOVE that: "Dick Craddock's Wife's Blog". This completely cracked me up!

She told me that she started to read my blog after that endorsement, and found herself continuing to come back because she loved my "tips".

As a blog writer, it makes me very happy to think that someone who doesn't even know me finds my blog interesting and entertaining enough to return to. You just never know! I mean, sure, I find certain things worth mentioning, but I have no idea whether or not anyone else would.

Here's another thing that she wrote that just made me smile and laugh out loud:

So, what does all of this mean? Other than feeling like a weird stalker by returning to your has had the funniest effect on me. For example my husband and I were walking through an antique show a couple of weekends ago and I saw the oldest raggedy I had ever seen. I kept thinking "oh, I have got to tell Trina!" then I am like," OMG, you don't even know her!" It was funny and weird. I decided you just had to know about me! So finally I decided to write and tell you that I read your blog and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

I love this. I love that she feels like she knows me, even though she's never met me. (and not in that stalker-kind-of-way!) I believe that I'm actually very careful about what I "put out there" into the world of the internet. I try to be careful not to put in anything too personal. But, I do like to share various musings and tidbits that interest or amuse me, and I know that my personality probably comes across pretty easily in my writing style.

I'm so glad that Kelly decided to email me to let me know that she's one of my blog readers. I love the connection to Dick's past, and the fact that I met a new friend in cyberspace.

The web is an amazing place.

"Hi Kelly!"

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