Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mom's Mailbox Slot Bag

My very clever Mom came up with an ingenious way for us to collect our mail (which comes through a mail slot in our garage side door). We were trying to figure out a way to fashion a basket or a bag to catch the mail so that it wouldn't fall and spread out on our garage floor.

We had done a little research online and didn't find many options. One idea that we found was the Snail Sakk which was a nice, simple idea, but seemed pricey with its $30 + shipping price tag.

With that in mind, my Mom hunted for the perfect bag.

She settled on a plastic zippered pouch that was used to store linens.

She velcro-ed the top of the bag to the door (underneath the mail slot opening) using secure double-stick tape, then velro-ed the bag's flap above the slot.

The bag is clear, so I can easily see if the mail has been delivered, and all I have to do is un-velcro the bag's lid to retrieve it.

All for the cost of a couple strips of velcro!

Thanks, Mom! Works like a charm! :)


mdtimbang said...

cool idea!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this :-)