Monday, October 04, 2010

Day 3!!!

Day 3 started at 7:00am. I met the Warming Hut Hotties in the Breakfast Tent before we all headed out together. As soon as we were getting ready to leave it started to rain outside! Yikes!!

Breakfast in the food tent

Many of us were not prepared with ponchos. (It's on the suggested packing list, but come on! It wasn't supposed to rain this weekend!) Never ones to give up, we were resourceful, and made ponchos out of garbage bags and plastic table cloths!

Hottie MacGyvers

The rain let up after half an hour or so, as we made our way through the Presidio, and into Golden Gate Park.

Here I am, showing off the back of my "Thank You to my Sponsors" shirt that I wore on Day 3.

We walked through Cole Valley, through Buena Vista Heights, into the Castro, and eventually had lunch at Dolores Park. Dolores Park is only about 6 blocks away from our house, so I called Dick, who came out to join me for lunch, and even a little bit of the walk!

Hotties at the top of Dolores Park

Dick joined us me at lunch!

My wonderful husband kept me company for a little part of the walk. :)

After lunch, my sister and Graham met us at the Cheering Station at Duboce Park! They (Dick, Tiffie and Graham) walked with me a bit further as we went into Hayes Valley.
(no picture! Sorry!)

We walked to Van Ness Street to the Grab 'n Go Pit Stop (a mini pit stop with drinks and port-o-pottys, but no food) where the Oakland Fire Department was blasting music and dancing with us!

We walked up Van Ness to Post Street, through Union Square, into the Financial District to North Beach.

Our final Pit Stop of the event was at Washington Square Park in North Beach.

We waited for all of the Warming Hut Hotties to join us at the last pit stop, then we all walked together (40 or more of us) to the holding area before closing ceremonies. Here, we were given our participant shirts - white for walkers, pink for survivors.

I made it through Day 3!

After the final walker came through, they separated the survivors (who would be honored at closing ceremonies) from the rest of the walkers, and we all headed to the Marina Green for closing Ceremonies.

Some of the Breast Cancer Survivors

Walking to Closing Ceremonies

Closing Ceremonies

The end of Closing Ceremonies

The 3-Day for the Cure SF event had 1,400 walkers & 350 crew this year. Together we raised $3.7 million!!

I'm so grateful to all of the people who have helped me along this tremendous journey. All of my family and friends who supported me through donations and words of encouragement. (especially to my hubby Dick, who encouraged me along the whole way, and sacrificed our weekend morning breakfast ritual for 2 months!) Special thanks to my teammates, Carol and Melissa, and to my training team, the Warming Hut Hotties for helping me prepare through training and guidance. I felt as prepared (mentally and physically) as I could be when I began, and came out of it feeling strong! What an amazing 3 day journey!

I'm already looking forward to doing it again next year!

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