Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Progress on the Twin Peaks Cavern Painting

I'm very happy that I was able to take a break today and paint for a few hours with Dean. I made reasonable progress of the "Twin Peaks Cavern" painting.

I did a lot of work on the built-ins, adding highlghts, lights, and just evening out the shape. I also straightened out the bar areas so they look a bit more correct. I put in more detail around the guy with his back to us, working at the cash register. I like the way he looks individually, but I'm afraid he may blend in too much with the colors around him. I may have to give him a different color shirt next session. :)

I worked a tiny bit on the figures sitting at the bar, and working behind. Many of them got a bit more detail, or at least some shading to give them a little more dimension.

I'm liking how the reflection of the mirrors is starting to read better.

I outlined the Tiffany lamps, which I think really brought them out. I added a bit more detail in the bar shelves behind the counter, and did a little bit on the bar counter.

It's an interesting painting, as it's fairly loose, but I think it's working so far. I feel like there's a bit of motion in this image, which is great, since it's a bar scene. I hope to squeeze in another painting session again next week before I return to Bellevue. Not sure if I'll be able to finish, but it's certainly on its way.

It felt great to paint again. It was certainly a nice break from all the hustle and bustle of the last week and the coming week.

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