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Creep-O-Rama 2012: The Return of "Fifty Shades of Funk"!

Another year, another Creep-O-Rama!! Our 11th Creep-O-Rama in 13 years, actually!

And what a Creep-O-Rama it was: Dick came up with a "High-Concept" theme a couple of weeks ago, and I think we managed to pull it all off pretty well!

The theme: Zombie 70's Funk Band.

Dick got together with his band mates, Shan (on drums) and Graham (on Bass) and they figured out a play set of 70s Funk songs that they already knew (or could learn quickly). They got together just last weekend to practice once before the party. I wanted in on the fun, so my roll was the "groupie-girl turned tambourine player". I practiced with them for one song last weekend, and figured I was able to keep a tempo well enough. :)

The concept: "Fifty Shades of Funk"
Dick came up with the name of the band, and we put together a web site a couple of weeks ago that we started to "market" on Facebook:

The idea is that Fifty Shades of Funk was a popular band back in the early-mid 70s until a mysterious accident happened in late 1974, and the band was never heard from again. It turns out that the band members all became zombies, only they didn't know it. ;) They think it's still 1975.

I had this large sign made at Costco, and we hung it at the front door

We advertised it as the band's first "live" performance in 40 years. The club "The Groove Line" was set up in the front room of our house. Christopher curtained it off, and we opened it up once it was time for the band to play.

The set list included 5 songs: "Jungle Boogie" (Kool & the Gang), "Get Down Tonight" (KC and the Sunshine Band), "I Wish" (Stevie Wonder), "She's Not There" (Zombies - get it?!) and "Lady Marmalade" (Patti LaBelle). During an encore performance (that was unplanned, unrehearsed and unprepared for), the band played: "Brick House".

I think it was all a hit, and a funkalicious time was had by all!

As for the party itself, it was a GREAT time! We had about 40-50 people, and the weather was simply amazing! We were able to keep the back door open into the deck and the backyard. Game 3 of the World Series was on, so we watched that as well. We had lots of yummy food (which I never seem to eat!) and plenty of drinks (our friends can DRINK!).

The costumes, as usual, were fantastic! We had all political statements (Pete & Richard came as Big Bird and Romney) and we had 3 Binders of Women (Abbe, Eve and Carol). We had Pop-culture references: 2 Katniss and a person from the Capital (from Hunger Games), many, many incarnations of zombies, and much more!

My camera on my phone got a little weird as the evening went on (also, low lighting in the house didn't make for optimal photo-taking). I managed to get several shots, but not the best quality. I borrowed some photos from Miguel, Marcia and Carol to include here.

Thank you to everyone who came! We had a great time, and hope that you did, too!!

Welcome to the Groove Line!

Early stages of decorating before the party - Welcome our newest addition to our Halloween props - Charlie the Spider!

The silver metallic curtain from the foyer of the house, showing the entrance to the Groove Line

Fun with my glassybabys! I used a dry-erase marker to put ghost and jack-o-lantern faces on my glassybaby

the other side - each glassybaby had two faces

Some band photos from early in the evening:

Dick and Trina
Keyboards and random percussion instruments

Graham & Tiff
Bass Player and Groupie

Shan and Shoko
Drummer and Groupie

Spencer - Band manager

As the band manager, Spencer passed out fliers to our guests with the following "House Rules"


o Do NOT tell the band members what year it is (they think it’s 1974)

o Do NOT tell the band members that they are dead. Or undead. It bums their mellow.

o DO Have a great time!


o Unsafe sex with the undead is uncool

o If you do sleep with a band member, use protection. Like a chainsaw, or axe

o Groove Line is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Here are a few more fun band photos we took early on in the evening before most people were here:

"Rubber Soul" style

posing in front of the Groove Line

having fun outside the Groove Line

one more shot in front of the Groove Line

The Bass Player and his groupie

Rolling Stones Review

Then it was time to get this party started!

Party spread!

pretty shot of glassybaby into the backyard

Miguel and David came as Zombie Where's Waldo!
(and they kept trying to show up in the background of everyone's photos all night long!

The lovely Linda came as "Bubbles" - the painting that we have in our Family Room! Amazing!

Here's Linda again in front of our painting!

Blane outdid himself as a really great zombie - complete with a jar of BRAINS

Vicky and Marcello came as fun maids!

Eve and Abbe as Binders full of Women

and Carol's rendition of a Woman in Binder

Warming Hut Hotties, represent!

Chad & Sam! Sam was out on vacation from Florida!

Group shot watching the World Series

Watching the World Series

We opened the Groove Line around 10:00, and "Fifty Shades of Funk" played their set for a standing-only crowd!

After the band played, it was time to cut the cake!

The annual cutting of the cake!

We rounded everyone up around 11:30 to close down the party, and had our guests head down to the Castro.

It was a really fun night, and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. I'm sorry I wasn't able to take more photos! We had so many other great costumes at the party - I'm sorry I didn't get more photos of each of them.

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