Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ballerina Painting: Session 4

Because of some scheduling conflicts later this week, I had my painting session with Dean yesterday afternoon. He taught me some glazing techniques, and I started adding color to my painting of Sophie. We started by adding some warm tones to the background, then added color to her skin and the upper torso of her dress. I just started on glazing color into her skirt, but didn't get very far.

I'm really excited about how this painting is progressing. I think the color adds a lot of dimension and depth. I think it's really starting to come to life now. I'm generally not very good with color, so it was very helpful to have Dean teach me more about which colors to use where and why. It was mostly a combination of white, yellow ochre, ultramarine blue and alizarin crimson. Oh, and lots of liquin. :)


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