Thursday, April 05, 2012

The new Dolores Park Playground

The new kids playground at Dolores Park officially opened on Saturday! I've been watching the progress of it for the past several months as I pass by it on my daily walk.

Today was the first chance I had to walk through it, see the details, and ride down the slides. :)

It's really beautiful. They did a really nice job.

I took a bunch of photos:

The view from the bridge (which is painted the same color as the Golden Gate Bridge).

view from the top slide - yes, I did ride down it immediately after taking the photo!

The old playground used to have a large boat in the sand. I think this was their way of paying tribute to the old boat. The soft surface underneath the entire area is super cushy and fun!

A view of from the playground looking up towards the top corner of the park

one last view of the skyline. You can also see the musical instruments (a xylophone and different sized drums) next to the little kids play area

If you're interested in more information, here's an article about the park that was on sfgate last week.

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