Friday, March 30, 2012

The Mole Gopher Hole, Part 2

I got a call from my gardeners (aka: My Parents) today. They had just read my blog post about the Mole Hole in my backyard, and had some suggestions.

First off, they said it was a gopher. Not a mole. Apparently, moles stay underground, and gophers are the ones who come to the surface.

Okay, so now I know that I'm dealing with Mac and Tosh the Goofy Gophers and not Mr. Mole. :)

The Culprets revealed: Mac and Tosh - the Goofy Gophers

NOT Mr. Mole

My parents suggested that I flood them out with a hose. I know - it sounds inhumane. I'm sure PETA will be after me as soon as I publish this post. My parents think that it'll just flood their tunnel to my house though, not actually drown the Misters Gopher. I'm taking their word for it.

So, I unwound my hose, put it on low, and let the water flow into each of the two gopher holes for a few minutes each.

watering the gopher holes

NOTE: The water level never overflowed, which leaves me to believe that the underground tunnels were quite large.

After I watered the holes for a few minutes, I filled them in with the piles of dirt that the gophers had dug up and sealed the holes. I was half-expecting to see a gopher kick the dirt back up within minutes, but so far, it's still plugged.

filling the holes with mud

We'll see if this works for not.

I have visions of an underground labyrinth - like you'd see in a Looney Tune cartoon, or a Wes Anderson film.

Or, a huge underground lair where all of the gophers and moles live together - like in "The Fantastic Mr. Fox".

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Clearly, I watch too many cartoons.... :)

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