Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Day with the Boys

Dick and I had a wonderfully spontaneous day today with David & Miguel!

The fun started at 1:00 (okay, 1:20, 'cause Dick and I were running late) at Dolores Park. The four of us were part of a group of people who participated in a video project for Dance Continuum.

We finished around 2:00, then David and Miguel came over to our house. It was such a beautiful day that we decided that we had to enjoy it with some Mimosas. :)

We took the convertible out for a drive, and went up to Twin Peaks, then down Highway 1 to Fort Funston. There weren't any hang-gliders out today, but it was picturesque, nonetheless.

"The Boys" at Fort Funston

Pacific Ocean from Fort Funston

Next we drove up to Pacifica, and decided to go bowling at Sea Bowl!! All of us said that we hadn't been bowling in years, so the expectations were low. Dick and Miguel started off slowly, I got 6 or 7 pins down, then David came in and had two strikes on the 2nd and 3rd frame. It was then that he told us that he used to be in a bowling league! ;)

Bowling Boys

After 1.5 games of bowling (we bought a 1-hour package) we drove back to SF and went to the Cliff House for Bloody Marys. Yum!

Bloody Marys at the Cliff House


Figuring we'd had plenty of drinks for the day (did I mention the beer during bowling?) we came back home in the evening and grilled some steaks.

It was a wildly fun, spontaneous day!

Thanks, David & Miguel!

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