Friday, April 29, 2011

New Driver's License!

Hey, remember my DMV appt a couple of weeks ago when I had to renew my driver's license? Believe it or not, my new license came to me in the mail today!

Wow! I was told that it would be 1-2 months (and I know people who have waited that long) and mine came in just over 2 weeks.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I got my new license in the mail today. Technically, my old license expired yesterday, and already had my new one only one day later.

Pretty impressive!

Oh, and remember how I wasn't allowed to smile for my picture?

Here it is:

It's not bad. The picture of my enormous head is huge, but that's no surprise. As for the serious face... well, it's not too serious, at least. I think it still looks like me, so I'll take that. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Weird.. I just got my license renewed here at a San Diego DMV and everyone was allowed to smile. I have a HUGE smile in my photo.