Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Early Morning Sugar Therapy

This should help...

I dropped Dick off at the airport this morning at 6:45. I'm still really bummed that I'm not going to North Carolina with him, but still positive that staying home with Marcel was the right decision.

On my way home, I decided that since I was up and about earlier than usual, that I should drop by Tartine Bakery on my way home and treat myself to a Morning Bun. A little sugar in the morning is certainly a good way to get out of a funk.

I got to the bakery around 7:10am, but alas, they didn't open until 7:30. Only in San Francisco - it's such a sleepy town. Don't bakeries usually open at 6:00am or earlier?

Not a problem - I found a parking spot in front of the store, and waited in my car until they opened.

I'm brewing a pot of tea, and getting ready to sit down and enjoy my breakfast.

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