Tuesday, January 30, 2007

...of course they did.

My Mom called me today telling me, "You know, if you had waited an extra week, you could have gotten your shuffle in a color!" Apparently, Apple just came out with a new version of the iPod Shuffle - now available in 5 colors!

My response, "Of course they did!"

As you may remember, I just got my new shuffle last week.

I figured I was safe. The new shuffles just came out at the end of last year, I went to MacWorld, there was no mention of anything new... Why would I think that I should wait an extra 2 weeks to order my shuffle in case they happen to come out with something new!

This always happens, of course. You buy it one day, and the next week (or day) it's outdated.

I've been planning to buy a new MacBook Pro (which I still call a Powerbook) but this time, I'm holding off until they announce the next upgrade/model. I just know that if I bought one today, they'll have something new next week.

Sheesh. As if it isn't hard enough trying to keep up with the Shahines!

Who needs a lime-green shuffle anyway? bah.

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