Friday, January 27, 2006

You say Tomato...

Last night I made a yummy Pomodoro sauce from a recipe that I found online.

I went to the grocery store (3 blocks away) for the ingredients in the late afternoon. The recipe calls for 2 lbs of Plum Tomatoes. Hmmmm.... plum tomatoes. What's that?

I know some tomato varieties: heirloom, roma, round, cluster (vine-ripened)... but "plum"? Hmmm..

So I bought the tomato that smelled the best (which happened to be the cluster).

When I came home, I decided to check my source of choice again: the web.

Here's what I found.

It turns out Roma Tomatoes are the same as Plum Tomatoes. Good to know.

Here I was with 2 lbs of round tomatoes that I didn't need, having learned (from the web) that roma tomatoes are generally the type used for sauces.

What was I to do?

I walked back to the grocery store, with my tomatoes and my receipt, and asked if it was possible to exchange my tomatoes for a different variety.

I was actually surprised that they had no issues at all in doing it for me. I guess it was mostly because I had only bought them within an hour or two.

So there you go: it turns out that you can return produce to the grocery store. (at least to mine)

By the way, the pasta was really good! it's a keeper!

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