Friday, January 13, 2006

The day I went to MacWorld, and then met Jimmy Carter

What an exceptionally cool day I've had so far :)

Today was the annual trek to MacWorld for the Chow girls (my mom, my sister and me). My sister's boyfriend, Graham, came along for the ride this year as well.

Our timeline is pretty much the same each year:

11:00am: meet at Mel's Diner (5th & Mission) for breakfast/early lunch.
12:00pm: MacWorld
3:45pm-ish: go eat cake at Just Desserts in The Metreon. (Must have carrot cake! Mmmmmm)

This year, I added a little something to my own timeline for the day:

4:30: Go to Cody's Bookstore to stand in line to meet Jimmy Carter and have him sign my book.

MacWorld was okay this year. Most of my Mac stuff is antiquated (read: two years old) so there wasn't much that I was in the market for technology-wise. There were many, many products geared towards the iPod market these days - possibly more than the computers. There wasn't much I needed to see as far as the new Apple stuff, so I went in knowing the I didn't "need" anything. This does not mean that I left without buying anything, of course.

So, what goodies did I pick up?

I got a cool new Timbuk2 backpack! I have a great Kipling backpack that I got years ago to travel with my laptop, but it's HUGE, and just isn't feasible to carry around day-to-day, or on short trips. This new backpack is very cool. It is specifically designed to fit a woman's body frame, so it fits so much better than my other backpack. Plus, as Dick pointed out, it has "Carolina Blue"!

Dick bought me the coolest set of earphones for Christmas this year. They are the Etymotic 6isolator earphones, and simply put, they rock! I remember testing them out at MacWorld last year, but they were a bit pricey for me. We found the booth again this year (very popular!) and my Mom, and Graham each bought a set. (great prices!) While we were there, I realized that they had a handsfree mobile headset for telephones/cell phones. I never did replace my headset that I kept in my car, which was stolen when my car was broken into last year. Part of the reason why I like these products so much is because the headset fits inside of your ear and doesn't come out. I think I may have unusually small ear-holes (or whatever they are called) because earbuds always fall out of my ears, and it's really quite annoying. Anyhow, they had headsets built with the same noise-reducing technology, and I know that they'll stay in my ear :) They had really great pricing for the show, so I bought a set for myself, and one for Dick. Yay!

After MacWorld, we went to The Metreon and had a piece of cake from Just Desserts.

And of course, one of the highlights of my day was going to Cody's Books where I briefly met Jimmy Carter, and he signed 3 books for me. That was pretty cool. I was very impressed with the efficient system of the bookstore. The signing was scheduled to start at 5:30pm. They started the line at 2:30, but I didn't get there 'til 4:30. They started the signing early, at about 5:00, and by 5:30, I was out the door, with signed books in hand.

We just came home (it's now 11:25pm) after having a wonderful meal at Andrew & Barry's House. They are such amazing hosts, and Barry always cooks the most delicious meals. Thank you, both!

So, yes, a great day.

How was your's?

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