Thursday, October 28, 2004

Good Fortune

I forgot to mention this last week...

Last Thursday, we had Lora over for dinner. (Omar was out of town on business)

We ordered Chinese Take-out from our local place that delivers. We've been ordering from them for years.

Our order came with 4 fortune cookies. I usually forget to open/eat them, but since Lora was here, she and Dick opened them up when we finished our meal.

Dick opened his first. Here's what it said:

Isn't that a great fortune?! Let's not forget that there were 4 cookies, and any one of us could have chosen it, but it was Dick that chose the cookie with the correct gender-specific fortune! :) Not to mention that this was all quite timely!

Generally, I take fortune cookies with a grain-of-salt (of course) but I think this one is a keeper!

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