Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Funny name games

My sister called me the other day, laughing and saying, "Did you know that if you accidentally have your hands misplaced on the keyboard, your name comes out as "Truba"?"

I said, "Oh, yes! i've been doing that for years!" (typing my name incorrectly, that is) "Truba and I are great friends!"

I've also realized that my name is an anagram for: Train
I don't mis-type my name so that it comes out "train", but occassionally, some spell-checker will say "Did you mean to say "train"?" LOL

There are also some funny things about the pronunciation of my name:

A long time ago, a new friend was trying to remember my name during our second meeting.

Our mutual friend (who had first introduced us) gave him a clue: "The first part of her name is like a very tall plant. The second part is the opposite of "yes"".

I thought it was a pretty good clue.

My (new) friend looked at me, and in all seriousness said, "Ferno?"

:) - that was my nickname for the entire next season.

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