Thursday, April 29, 2004

Happy Birthday Claude!

Happy 7th Birthday to my Claude Kitty. (Claude Cat-Chow)

I adopted Claude from the San Francisco SPCA almost 4 years ago. He had just turned 3. His record stated that his actual birthday was April 29th - just a day after mine. We're both Tauruses. I figured that was a good sign. :)

Claude moved in with my Mom and Dad a couple of years ago when I moved in with Dick. We figured he'd be happiest as an only cat, rather than coming in to a house that already had two cats. I definitely had momma-cat guilt about bringing him to my parent's but it all worked out - he's really happy with them, and he makes them both very happy. They spoil him tremendously, and he loves it. (and gets away with all kinds of things)

Happy Birthday, Claude! :)

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