Sunday, April 11, 2004

Goodbye to the Big Yellow House

Dick and I just went to the 23rd Street House to say goodbye to it.

Yep - it closes tomorrow afternoon. Can you believe it was only a 14 day close? So quick!

It's a beautiful house. It was good to us, and we were good to it. We had so much work done to it during the four years that Dick owned it. I like to think that we took good care of it. We were looking through some photos yesterday of the house from when Dick first bought it. The before and after photos are pretty dramatic.

anyway, true to typical Trina-fashion, I got a little sentimental during our final walk-through. We had a lot of good times there. but we're very happy now in the new place, and we're still having a lot of work done here. (downstairs). We should be done in 3-4 more weeks, then we'll finally be able to spread out and unpack all of our things.

Bye, house! Thanks for all of the good times!

oh, and Happy Easter, too!

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