Wednesday, April 28, 2004

34 years old

April 28, 1970.
Stockton, CA
9:30am (ish)

Young (and I mean YOUNG - only 21 years old) Henry & Barbara Chow welcomed their 2nd daughter into the world.

As the story goes.... all throughout my Mom's pregnancy, they were told that I was going to be a boy. They were never told otherwise, so they never thought of any girl names at all. They did decide on one whopper of a boy's name though: Lance Everett Christopher Michael Chow. Count 'em - 4 names (plus a last name of course). Could you imagine? Imagine the frustration of trying to learn to spell that name in Kindergarten! Why so many names? My parents claim that they couldn't agree on just two. My Dad wanted Lance Everett (such a power name!) and my Mom liked Christopher Michael. So they simply combined the two. I'm actually not certain on the order. It could have Christopher Michael Lance Everett. Or even Michael Christopher Lance Everett. (Mom - which was it?) Anyhow, I'm certain that this was fate's reason for having me pop out as a girl.

So I was born, and without a name for a couple of days. My Mom and I stayed in the hospital for 3 days before we were discharged. For the first two days, I'm pretty sure I was simply "Baby Girl Chow".

My parents did toss around a few names over the first couple of days. The ones I know about are "Sabrina" and "Tabitha". Unfortunately, these were also both names of fictional witches - Sabrina from The Archies, and Tabitha from the TV series "Bewitched".

Ironically, they had already chosen my middle name: Kristin. I'm not sure where that came from, other than they both liked it, but didn't want it as a first name.

On the 3rd and last day at the hospital, my parents had no choice to name me before we were discharged. (no pressure!) Lucky for me, my Mom was watching the TV cooking show "The Galloping Gourmet", and he happened to mention that his wife's name was "Treena" (note the spelling). My mom really liked the name (but not the spelling) and decided that it went really well with my sister's name "Tiffini". Tiffini & Trina. T1 & T2. The Two T's

So there you have it: Trina Kristin Chow born April 28, 1970.

I'd like to thank the galloping gourmet for mentioning his wife's name on that fateful day!

Oh, and Thanks Mom & Dad! :)

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