Tuesday, April 13, 2004

GoLive Quick Fix

I love the web. I've been having trouble with Adobe GoLive - after a few minutes of use, the paste command stops working! it's really a drag. I usually have the quit, and relaunch the app, which is terribly inconvenient, and also a waste of time. It started happening around the time that I installed OS 10.3.3 - so I figured it was a Panther issue, and that they'd come out with a patch...

No patch on adobe.com. no mention of the bug.

I finally figured out that I should do a search in some GoLive forums, and lo and behold - dozens of people with the same complaint.

Turns out there's a quick, temporary fix. It's not a real fix, mind you, but it certainly will do until they fix the bug. So, I can't paste using keystrokes, or from the Edit menu. However, believe it or not, I can use the paste feature from bringing up the contextual menu (right click on mouse). Crazy.

Dick was quite astounded when I told him about the bug. Software guru that he is, he says it should be a really simple patch for adobe since the paste command is actually working in the contextual menu.

Oh well. Until then, I'm happy to have this newfound knowledge. I'm working on a huge project today, that requires a ton of copy & pasting.

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