Monday, April 28, 2014

It was a 2-cupcake Birthday!!

Today I turned 44-years old. Oh, my.

My sister and her fiance, Graham, are visiting Seattle this week, so I got to spend the day with them today. Yay!

We started our day at Voula's Offshore Cafe, a diner that they had found on the Food Network. It was a pretty awesome breakfast.

Graham and Tiff at Voula's Offshore Cafe

The best part of our meal was that Graham ordered the "Chinese Pancake", which really has nothing to do with anything Chinese. It's a larger than a plate pancake, with a friend egg in the middle, and bits of ham mixed in. It was HUGE. On top of that (because he didn't know how large it would be) he also ordered a side of hash browns, and an english muffin. Yep, he took a lot of it home with him. :)

Graham, showing off his Chinese Pancake

After breakfast, we strolled around the University area, including walking around the University of Washington campus. Beautiful campus!

Tiff and Graham had been on the go for the last two days that they were here, so we decided to come back to my place in Bellevue to kick back and relax for the afternoon. While we were here, we treated ourselves to cupcakes from the Trophy Cupcakes shop in my building. Yum!

Dick came home from work, and we all had dinner downstairs at Wild Ginger. The original location in Seattle used to be one of my sister's favorite restaurants (in the country) and she hadn't been in years. It was really fun to be able to take her and Graham to the one in Bellevue.

Nothing on Wild Ginger's dessert menu grabbed us, so Dick suggested that we go get cupcakes for dessert. We confessed that we'd already had one earlier that day, but he proclaimed that it was my birthday, and of course I should have another.

While Dick and Graham stayed at the restaurant, my sister and I ran back up to Trophy Cupcake right before they closed at 8:00. We arrived at 7:44. The door was open, but sadly, there were no more cupcakes in the display shelves. Oh, no! The same employee who helped us in the afternoon came out, and told us they were out of cupcakes. My sister said, "Don't you have any more? It's her birthday!" That did it - he said he had some day-old cupcakes that he couldn't sell, but he offered to give us a box. To be clear, these cupcakes were from today, and a box held one dozen!!

My sister offered him a huge tip as a thank you, and we walked out happy as clams with our box of 12 assorted cupcakes. :)

Thank you, Trophy Cupcakes!

Our assortment of cupcakes

My and my Sis - my horizontal shirt is not doing me any favors, and is now making me question my decision of eating two cupcakes today!

Sis, Graham and Dick enjoying Birthday Cupcakes!

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