Monday, July 30, 2007

A new friend

can you ever really have too many friends?

My "new" Beloved Belindy Doll

My new friend was delivered via the USPS this afternoon. I won her off an ebay auction on Friday. (how's that for fast shipping?)

She is a Beloved Belindy doll, made in the early 1940s. She was mde by Georgene Novelties, Inc. I'm very excited to be adding her to my collection. I've never had a Beloved Belindy in my collection before. (I do have a more recent, hand-made version, but it's not quite the same as a vintage doll.)

She's in pretty good shape. Her clothes are not original, but they do appear to be vintage. The seller did not disclose this in her description, but I was able to decipher this, based on the photos.

Beloved Belindy was the Black Mammy Doll who lived in the doll nursery with Raggedy Ann and Andy (and many others) and took care of all of them. She would be considered to be quite a politically incorrect character these days, but her stories were written in the mid 1920s. She was made by various manufacturers (just as Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy were) through the mid 1960s. After the civil rights movement, Beloved Belindy dolls were no longer commercially produced. (which would explain why I never had one as a child.)

The Georgene Beloved Belindys have always been my favorite. I really love her plumpness and the sweet expression of her face.

I'm sure my new friend will feel right at home here with my other dolls.

Beloved Belindy sitting with my 1920s Volland Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann

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