Thursday, May 19, 2005

Star Wars: Episode III !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is opening day of Star Wars: Episode III.

I'm a tiny bit bummed because today is my last full day on my yoblette, so I couldn't see the movie today.

Which is really fine, because I have tickets to see it tomorrow afternoon with my family a the beauitful Grand Lake Theater in Oakland. This is the theater where my sister and I have gone to see the opening day of all of the new Star Wars and Harry Potter films.

I'll be there for the 3:30 pm showing on Friday.

I'm a little envious of Dick today because he and his entire group at work is seeing the 2:00 show. How cool. I made him promise not to talk to me about it until tomorrow evening!

Hope you all enjoy the show!

"May the Force be with You" :)

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