Tuesday, May 10, 2005

First Day on the Yob

Ahhhh... temp jobs.... :)

As temp jobs go, this one is pretty great. Very nice people, nice office. It's all good.
The big difference between this job, and all of the many temp jobs that I've had in the past (which was well over 12 years ago) is the invention of the internet! :) I spent the day cleaning out my hotmail inbox..... because I could ;)

Since I haven't had a temp position for such a long time, it made me reflect back to the many, many jobs/temp jobs that I've had over the years.

An author that I used to read once said something along the lines of, "Do as many jobs as you can before you're 24. That way, you'll know what kind of jobs you *don't* want to do."

During my years of moving around the country to do color guard, I made a living by working through temp agencies.

I just remembered that when I built my first home page in 1996, I wrote out a list of all of the jobs I had up until then. (I just found the file) I'm glad that I wrote it way back then, because there's no way I'd remember all of those jobs now!

Here's the list.

In case you're interested, here's what I've been up to since 1996: Trina's Resume

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