Friday, May 27, 2005

Overcoming Phobias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wooo Hooooo!
We just came back from an hour of snorkeling in the Ocean!
We had so much fun the first time, that we went back for a second round!

Our scuba instructor from the other day gave us the suggestion that we should start at one end of the beach, swim out about a hundred yards (where there was a green marker) then let the current take you slowly across the way for about 150 yards or so. He told us that it would be less work than fighting the current back, and best of all, we'd be able to see the SEA TURTLES!! We saw about a dozen sea turtles in all - all different sizes. Some of them were Ginormous! The tricky thing was on our way back to the shore, we had to find a narrow strip of sand about 25 feet wide. Otherwise, we'd end up coming into the rocks. That was pretty tough the first time, but the second time we managed much better.

I'm all stoked now! :)

Dick was laughing at me because my "little Chow legs" kept propelling me quickly past him ;)

This was my third time snokeling, and definately the best experience I've had yet.
Dick has been several times, and also said that this was his best experience.

So cool.

Okay, now we've gotta check out of this lovely hotel room. We're going to spend the day lounging by the pool, have a nice little dinner, then take off for the airport.

See you all back in SF!


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