Sunday, October 12, 2003

Jesus Christ - The Musical

We just got back from seeing "Jesus Christ, Superstar" with my family.

here's a little background: Until 2 weeks ago, I had never heard the soundtrack. To be honest, I didn't even know the story - apart from the (very) obvious that is. You may say, "isn't the whole story very obvious?" No, not to me. I'm probably one of the very few people you know who has not read The Bible. For the record, (because religion is such a touchy situation) I have nothing against the bible, or religion for that matter. I was brought up without any religion, and was given the opportunity to make my own spiritual/religious choices as an adult.

So, back to the story at-hand. A couple of weeks ago, Dick and I drove up to Napa Valley for the day. He had grown up listening to the soundtrack of "Jesus Christ Superstar" and LOVED it. I'm pretty sure he can sing the entire album. (or CD, or whatever it's called these days) We had just been to Amoeba Records on Haight Street, where he bought a copy of the soundtrack. Yep, we listened to the entire CD on our way to and from Napa. Dick was kind enough to explain the story along the way to me.

My synopsis of "Jesus Christ Superstar"?'s like "Schoolhouse Rock" for the Bible.

editor's note I hope I did not offend, or shock anyone with this post. I try to make it a point never to talk about religion or politics among friends. I figured that since this was a Broadway musical, I could slip it in. :)

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