Sunday, July 08, 2018

8th Annual Tri-Pawed Dog Picnic!!

Wallace and I had the *best* time at the 8th Annual Tri-Pawed Dog Picnic today!! It was so fun seeing and meeting so many cool tri-pawed dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages!! There were probably over 30 tripawed dogs in attendance. Wallace mostly played with his doppelgänger Filbert and new friend, Matheson, with some occasional play with a big Great Dane named Heidi!! Muttville Senior Dog Rescue was also there with a lot of adoptable dogs with various handicaps (some with braces and wheelchairs)! It's such a special day and I'm so glad we was able to go again this year. Thank you Tri Pawed Dogs for all of the hard work that you put in to making this event possible!!

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